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UK: Gallardo arrives.

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by felix66, Aug 20, 2004.

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  3. Congrats -- it's beautiful!

    And a 6-speed no less!
  4. Beautiful choice of colors, int. and ext. Congratulations. :D
    What made you pick the 6-speed over the e-gear?
  5. Let it be known that your first pic is now in my Lambo screensaver. :D Great looking car. Congrats! May she bring you many miles of happy (spirited) motoring.
  6. Great combination!
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  8. I do like the Gallardos. Isn't that the one from Top555?
  9. Looks Great.

    Tell us about how it drives? 355 vs. Gallardo
  10. Wonderful colors and interior.
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  12. WOW, the color is breathtaking! Enjoy the new toy!!

    By the way, isnt the intake LOUD!! It seems as if you barely touch the throttle and the intake is just barking at you! Its amazing
  13. wow, that interior is just stunning! Reminds me of my friends A4, LOL. Its the nicest gallardo interior i have ever seen. Congrats!
  14. Congratulation for your G! The color is very nice. Have fun.
  15. Nice color! Are they offering Navigation where you are? I am curious to see if it is a decent dvd unit.
  16. Absolutely beautiful!! Congrats.
  17. Beautiful is an understatement. PERFECT (and I insist on PERFECT) color combo. Not a single detail that's not right on!
    Splendid. Makes me like the Gallardo again!
  18. No UK numberplates?
  19. Great colour Tony and the interior is almost the same as mine. Mine is black where yours appears to be a shade of dark blue.
  20. James,
    i wish i could say the Gallardo is mine , but alas it belongs to Felix :p. I'm on the sister board to this , with my 355 . ;)
  21. Sorry Tony, to busy looking at the pictures to read who posted them.... I've been down the ferrari route, there is light at the end of the tunnel.(joke...honest)
  22. HAHA ! If i changed the 355 it would be for a 360CS *ducks for cover after comments in a Lambo chat room* ;)
  23. Sweet ride,CONGRATS. It must be the perfect car for that wet english weather.
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    Tony, here's my old car, you have to let go and move on.....
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  25. great pix felixa

    i live in the UK too - london to be precise.

    What about yourself?

    Not many lambos to be seen around here though.

    If you dont mind me asking - how much did you sell your 355 for?
  26. Nice James. You have had both, and prefers "The Dark Side"!!
  27. No comparison. I'm hooked. This is the first car Ive had for a long time that I'm not already thinking about changing after a couple of months ownership. The 360 lasted a little over 6 months.

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