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twin superchargers for Gallardo?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Feb 5, 2004.

  1. The boys at Symbolic didn't have any details but said that Audi has in Euorpe this available. Any of our european friends confirm ,deny or give some cost ideas? Who knows I might Pop for that. I once had Koenig
    equipment so I've been known to do whatever!
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  3. I think we'd have heard of it...and why would you twin-supercharge? wouldn't one super be fine, as there is no real lag, or no more than with one anyhow?
  4. A single supercharger would not be efficient enough to funnel enough air through.

    I have heard there are several packages under development. One thing that is a good indicator is Audi use of a twin turbo charged version of the Gallardo V10 in their showcar. From what i hear, there will be a huge aftermarket support group for the car, from performance, interior to body kits. It will be crazy car.
  5. A twin turbo would make much much more sense but a twin supercharger. Itd be a huge mess under the hood. not to mention how much boost those would provide, It'd be redicolous. Seams like it would tear your engine up in no time. At least with the twin turbo you can adjust the boost and save some engine wear and tear. Like in the Koenig F50 with the power screw that says instead of the P.S.I. it gives horsepower 600-700-800. Thats aweasome.

  6. Someone I knew back in 1988 had a Koenig Supercharged AND
    turbocharged TR!! I rode in it... WHAT AN ABSOLUTE MONSTER!!!!
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  8. Depending on package reliability...I'LL BE FIRST IN LINE!
    I had an EVO stage 3 on my 996TT then when stage 4 became available I had one of the first stage 4 cars. I put 20000 trouble-free FUN-FILLED
    miles on the EVO modifications (560 HP dyno verified). The Gallardo
    is probably fast enough? I'm sure my 560 HP AWD Posche was is lighter by 150 lbs or so was quicker. I'LL be looking for ways to correct that
    situation! The TT was sweet on and off the track but I NEVER liked
    the was like the rear end of the Gallardo ALL OVER THE CAR!

    For those out there that say "But you'll loose your factory warranty!"

    I say ...SO WHAT! I will not pay this kind of dinero for a car and be in Warranty Prison!
  9. Allan, Doesn't the AMG 5.5 that is bigger only use one blower? I may well be wrong, not second guessing;) Also, didn't you say that a simple exhaust and header/intake would probably gain a substantial amount of ponies? I must say, with such a healthy displacement, I really like this car, and was it just me, or did you find the styling HOT? perfect little brother to the murci;)
  10. AMG gets about 600 hp out of a 5.5 litre V8 with one blower....that is correct.
  11. Are talking twin superchargers, each feeding one bank or most likley a two stage supercharger with the the first feeding the second? This keeps the bulk down and efficiency up.
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  13. Banana Boat you're having too much fun!!! You only live once!
  14. That's it. I decided ..I don't have enough to retire in the style I want to live!...So I'll just work to the day I die and buy what I want!!!
    Need any diamonds?????????????
  15. I imagine it would be one sc per cylinder bank a la the last Aston Martin V8 Vantage 600's. I've also seen several show cars/hotrods with the twin sc setup...most notably (and recently...I'll try to find a good pic) a '55 Chevy "Pro Street" show car with two HUGE chromed top fuel like blowers on it. It's a monster x 10 :D I can imagine that since Audi does have such a large stake in the Murcie/Gallardo projects that they'll try to get as much performance and subsequent publicity out of these cars as possible so they at least get a reasonable financial return & critical acclaim.
  16. Hey BB, Im getting married in Oct. I'll keep you in mind when I start ring shopping, OK. Good luck with your new Gallardo.
  17. It seems somewhat soon to be introducing an SV in the near future though, usually I think most makers ring the most out of every iteration (porsche only introduces turbo and GT3 in following years, ferrari waited several to do a stradale, nsx type r) so maybe a more potent murci is closer.
  18. Or a spider gallardo? It would piss off too many Gallardo buyer for an upgrade this early!
  19. It would piss THEM off, theyre the ones that would see the coupe line fall apart while the spyder line overwhelms, as this country can't get enough convertibles... Dunno if its the weather or ppl here just love them? Either way, if the murcielago is actually that barchetta, which we already saw, that will be kinda boring for a big autoshow. Likewise, if the REAL one doesn't have a good top, that will suck too. And if you want my 2 cents, they gallardo as it is shaped like the roof of a 355 would look best as a GTS, not a full spider, too short and chunky. good targas are COOL.
  20. Somebody posted a german company making twin supercharged 360s. It was a pair of small centrifugal units, both feeding a common intake if I recall. It appeared that they used 2 small because they didn't have room for 1 big one or to allow a thinner belt or both.

    Lysholm makes several larger screw type units. I'm running a 2300 on a 308 (the same unit ford put on the GT) and making about 600 hp at 22 psi, it will be heading to the dyno in the spring to put an exact number on it. At lower boost on a larger engine it would probably pump about 700 hp of air. They also make a 3300 that would make 800-1000 hp, a pair of 2300 will make 1000-1200 or they will custom make whatever size blower you want. All the newer cars have pretty high compression ratios, so adding any type of boost system will probably require a piston change, but the standard on pump gas is 200hp/liter, so I'm sure someone will build a 1000+ hp version at some point. All it takes is money, budget $30k-$50k for the conversion I'd say.
  21. the company is called novitech.
  22. beat me to it bostonmini. I always thought the Novitech was TT though.

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