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Tuner has my Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Mar 4, 2005.

  1. Jason Has my Gallardo. He has driven it. he said the "car is quick now...
    but it is going to be INCREDIBLE after the turbos!"

    He will dis-connect the front drive lines and do a basline DYNO next
    week. I'll post it then.

    Car & Driver wants him to bring it over for testing after he is done
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  3. These few weeks are going to be SO hard for you !!!!

  4. weeks? more like 2-3 months!
    I know he is excited about the project maybe sooner?
  5. Maybe drop a line to Lamborghini and let them know what you are doing, see if they might be interested in seeing the results, maybe even help with remapping the ECU, strengthen the engine, or maybe even help mechanically........worth a try..........future data gathering for a racing program?????? hey would be cool non the less if they helped........
  6. I think that the sanctioning bodies of racing would pretty much prohibit F.I. on the cars, with the exception of the JGTC, but I do not see the Gallardo headed that direction anytime soon.

    GForce, if you are looking for someone to host the images, shoot me an email with them to FI@fiautosports.com
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  8. My impression of Lamborghini...they couild care less.
    They know about the project.

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