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Tuesday night, good Lambo special!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Tune it in, should be very cool!!

    From Jim Heady:

    > Ladies and Gentlemen:
    > Automobili Lamborghini will be featured on the Discovery's TLC network
    > this week. Discovery's automotive spotlight program, Rides, will have a
    > full hour-long feature on all things Lamborghini. The episode is
    > called, "Raging Bull" and is described as follows:
    > "The Rides crew crosses the Atlantic for an exclusive look at automotive
    > history. Visit the Automobili Lamborghini plant in Italy, and witness
    > the hand-crafting of the Gallardo as well as the first ever drive in the
    > new Murcielago Roadster."
    > There will be footage of the factory and a special segment where they
    > follow a car all the way through the production process. In addition,
    > the introduction of the Murcielago Roadster during our "Giro Roadster"
    > event will also be showcased. For those of you who were on the Giro
    > Roadster, this may be your 15 minutes!
    > TLC will run the special during these three time slots:
    > Sep 14th at 10PM ET
    > Sep 15th at 1AM ET
    > Sep 19th at 3PM ET
    > Please pass this along to all who may be interested. For those dealers
    > who had customers attend the Giro, please share this with them as well.
    > Regards,
    > Ehren Bragg
    > Area Manager, North America
    > Lamborghini
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  3. sweet...gotta go home and set the Tivo up for that
  4. Should be good.
  5. Thanks for the heads up!
  6. Yes, thanks for the heads up!

    *crossing fingers* please, oh please, I hope that Jason P. isn't narrating this one... please!
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  8. for those of you with a tivo device, just put in lamborghini in the search function and it will record all shows with lambo in the discription or the title... you will never miss another lambo sh ow again.. i also did for ferrari and porsche and viper and so on.... this is exotic car watching heaven....
  9. The first 15 minutes was excellent. Tune it in!!!
  10. oh I am I am! damn.. incredible. love how they are following along with assembly line.
  11. Currently taping this show. It is AWESOME ! Catch the later viewings or tape them while you can...

    Kenny K.
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  13. awesome show so far!
  14. Prova
    Can you post it when you are done recording?
  15. It was good, but I wish it featured more footage of the cars actually in action as opposed to people, uh, parking them and driving slowly around the factory grounds.
  16. I now find myself making engine noises... Anyone need a tape?
  17. IT WAS INCREDIBLE!! I loved the way they showed the Murci Roadster being built, but brought up the other cars, and kept going to the running of the bulls. And BALBONI!!!! They talked history, folklore, pricing on motors(85k), Ferrari.......... It was very very good.
  18. Anyone have a DVD copy? I need to burn one if you can help.

  19. yep!!!! Its A MUST see!
  20. That was a great episode! Very well done, I enjoyed it a lot.
  21. I taped it and jumped on here right away to brag about it!!! What a treat, I didn't even know it would be on, and i heard the name valentino while flipping channles and was like hmmmm........ it was awesome, ill watch it over and over Im sure. It was awesome to see how presise and perfect everything is when being built!
  22. What time does it air in California?
  23. Fantastico, ne' tempo per respirare. ('no time to breath)

  24. blah, should have read this an hour ago
  25. They spelt Balboni's name wrong... Balbore?
  26. Rides
    TLCP Sep 15 01:00am
    Series/Documentary, 60 Mins.
    "Raging Bull"
    Automotive history.
    Original Airdate: September 14, 2004.
    TLCP Sep 19 03:00pm
    Series/Documentary, 60 Mins.
    "Raging Bull"
    Automotive history.
    Original Airdate: September 14, 2004.
  27. Just watched it:) Loved every minute;)

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