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Tubi for Gallardo is HERE!!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by manu, Jun 22, 2004.

  1. Well we waited and we waited and we waited.... and now it's finally here. Tubi have been testing the hell out of their Gallardo exhaust system and production has begun and we'll take delivery of a load of them next week.
    For you guys that had Tubis on your 360s I think you'll love this system too....
    The sound is sort of "appropriate" for a V10 - reasonably deep at low rpm but develops into a crazy high-pitched scream at high rpm - sort of 360 Tubi but higher pitched - more snarly. It looks good through the back of the car too.
    I'm pretty excited actually - this is probably the most eagerly anticipated Tubi EVER.... It's available in 2 versions - Normal or LOUD - and the only thing I intend to ship here in the UK is the LOUD one :) WOOOOHOOOO!!!!

    The good news for you guys and the whole POINT of this post is that you don't have to live with my crappy description alone... Within 1 day (possibly today) my tech guy is posting an (OK quality) video clip on my website so watch this space and give me your feedback....

    Oh BTW - replacement CF panels for all the rear grill parts are on the way as are ceramic exhaust tips!!!

    P.S. I don't regard this as an advert or a plug.... reason being most of you guys are USA based and we do NOT ship Tubi products there. Contact Tubi USA.

    Watch the clip and post what you think fellas.

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  3. It sounds great!

    Unfortunately the sound on the file was a little rough with a lot of the crystallic digital static. Perhaps when you get the higher download limit mentioned on the site you could put up a 4-5MB version with a higher sound bitrate.
  4. nice sound! thanks for sharing!
  5. That sounds great! In stock form, the little bull sounds like it has some snot up its nose thats subduing its snorts, but with it breathing freely...WOW!
  6. Where is the link to the sound file?
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  8. How about test pipes for the gallardo? will tubi make these as well?
  9. How much would the TUBI exhaust for the Gallardo cost? Any pricing difference in the Normal and the Loud versions?
    Any power gains/weight loss?
  10. Can you post a link to both sight and sound of this Tubi system? I'd like to see and hear the thing. I do love the Tubi on both F355 and 360M.

    How about some prices also?
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  12. Hmm... certainly a different sound. I like it, but I think the 360 CS sounds a lot better.
  13. Sorry Not a fan. I think it makes it sound like a F 360 on tubi. The sound is to high pitch for my taste.
  14. very nice, but i think i like the 360cs sund a little better, but they are close...but nothing compairs to murci with a tubi, except maybe some of the 12cyl, ferraris,
  15. Where's this video? I don't see no linky link and the only link is to the scuderiasystems website, which has "Restricted Access" to everything on it. :???:
  16. The rest are, but the very top one is the Gallardo and it's open. Scroll too fast and you'll miss it.
  17. sounds great, but I am just not quite to the point where I think it comes anywhere close to making sense to pop $3K or more for a freaking muffler.

    I can come close ot a set of track wheels & tires for that, which will be way more fun and add more performance than a muffler.

    My problem is I that started out with Mustangs, then Corvettes (still have one of these) and I thought the Viper tax was outrageous ($1200 or so for a SST cat-back exhaust system, much more substantial than a system for a mid-engined car). But the Ferrari/Lamborghini tax still offends me.

    James Patterson at Norwood has a piece for the G that sounds great (a little too much resonance in the cockpit for my taste), that is in the under $1500 range, and it's all stainless and ceramic coated. I am holding out for a revised and slightly quieter version of James' exhaust.
  18. I'm quite impressed with the sound. As I have stated before the only regret is that I did not do Tubi sooner with my 360!!
  19. Dave I think the Murcie sound clip with the Tubi is on Racing Flix website I think. Sounds incredible.

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