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Tubi Finally Fitted

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jamesketchell, Oct 8, 2004.

  1. Well finally picked up the car tonight and drove the 90 miles home from London through the rush hour traffic. Not the best place to test the new exhaust, but i managed to get a few blasts up the full rev range and the sound is fantastic. At low revs the bass tone fills the cockpit with sound that would make a conversation tough going, as you pull away and the revs climb you get a howl thats the nearest thing to an F1 car Ive heard on the road. People three or four cars up the road turn round to see whats coming and the traffic directly ahead moves over to get a better look.

    As i said not really a great test due to traffic conditions, but hopefully over the weekend i should be able to shoot some video and decent audio for those that are interested.

    Also have to say thanks to Manu (http://www.scuderiasystems.com) and Carl (http://www.verdiferrari.biz) for all the work they did on the car. Great job guys.

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  3. congrates...all exotics need a tubi like aftermarket exhaust to bring out the true beast.....its seems that most of the new sports cars have huge exhaust systems to muffle the engine noise..even a murci is muffled a little with the stock exhaust...catn wait for the vide o and audio
  4. Congrats on the modification. The Gallardo needs to be heard!
  5. Shot a small video this morning, but cant change the video format from WMV, so it wont let me upload the file to the site. Anyone got any suggestions on how to change a recording format?
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  7. Thanks. I gave it a try but it only converts audi files and not video. It doesnt recognise the .wmv files.

    I'll keep looking....

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