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Tough Choices...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Steve355, Jul 14, 2004.

  1. Well guys, I just discovered this 'nook' of FerrariChat. I dont really post much, but i read up every once in a while. Lately guys... I've gotten into a dilema. See, for years ive wanted a Lamborghini, and my F355 berlinetti is getting a bit aged.

    I have been infected with quite a liking for the Murcielago and now Gallardo, but there are two essential problems.

    1) Where the heck is there a Lamborghini dealership in MA?? I seem to be low on luck. About a year back there was a beutiful Slate Gray(ish) Murcielago for a resonable $290k, but at the time decided to wait for the Spyder/Barchetta version, which seems to be a ways off.

    but since a new problem arose. Assuming I did find this hidden Lamborghini dealership theres a twist...
    2) Ferrari decided to realese something called the 360CS! The choice is now even harder. This car is amazingly beutiful and has soo much passion, that i really find, this choice to be impossible!

    I love my Ferrari dearly, and have enjoyed it plenty over the years but at the same time have always had an attraction to the slightly pricier Diablo's etc. Now years have passed, a less pricey Lambo has come out, and the King of all Lambos is STILL available, only now in a form!

    As you can see this is quite perplexed. Bottom line is I want a new car, and am willing to wait some time. What do you guys have to tell me to help me make up my mind? I know I did come to this Lamborghini side, because I didnt feel like starting a new Lambo vs. Ferrari war.

    I just want to know:
    a) How all these cars (360Cs, Gallardo, Murcielago) truely compare (performance, handling, build-quality, reliability, Re-Sale?)
    b) Which car is truely worth "upping the ante" for. (Sadly one gets more expensive then the other, but which one is truely worth it?)
    c) Do I really need to go all out with my money to get one bad-arse machine?
    (Note: Scissor Doors not a requirement :).)
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  3. If you search my posts in early May I had a similar dilemma. I could not part with the 360, nobody could tell me why a new Murcie was worth $120k over a very low mileage Diablo 6.0 so I did the stupid thing. I bought a Diablo 6.0 VT and kept the 360. Into the dog house I went for a week. In the past, 4 hours in the dog house and she was usually over it.... The Diablo purchase was and is the best exotic car purchase I've made. It simply is not my daily driver but when the drive happens....
  4. Boston Sports Car in Weston should be able to help you out to buy one.

  5. Plenty of posts/articles about this. Personally I cancelled my 360CS order and bought the Gallardo and I've never looked back or had second thoughts 4500 miles later.
  6. Buy what you want, forget the rest. The 360C is cute, but not my preference of styling. I'm not a huge gallardo fan as I love the diablo 6.0 the most, but the Gallardo would be my choice over the 360C.

    Even the PT Cruisers looked good when they came out, I think the 360C is on the same track ;) Cute, but will be useless.

    My $0.02.
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  8. Yeah, they had a Gallardo they were showing around their dealerships (they have a North Shore showroom now too I think) and at local get togethers.

    You should probably look nationally as well, given the smaller production numbers... there's probably more pleasing selection outside of MA.
  9. You will never ever look back if you buy a Lambo!!! They are the best car out there for the money and performance. You don't have a dealer up there but you do have one in Manhattan and one in Ohio and another one in Chicago. You even have one in Atlanta:) If I can be of any help let me know. I know a lot of guys at the other dealers that I could hook you up with if you need something. Good luck.

  10. Steve,
    I know you don't live close to a Lamborghini dealer however do yourself a favor and find one of the above cars to drive.

    You will be pleasantly suprised aswell as a new Lamborghini owner, I can't begin to tell you the profound difference between the two marquis, it is night and day. Good Luck! Glen
  11. I'm a huge fan of the Stradale, but with your choices, you can't go wrong!
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  13. Steve,

    Its a tough dilemna, but a good one to have. Personally I love the 360CS. However seeing them in person (no I have not driven one), they are beautiful creatures.

    BUT the lambo is a different beast. I saw 6.0 Diablo or Murcielago. You will never look back.

    As A.J. likes you point out, "welcome to the dark side." :D
  14. Well said, Come on over to the dark side with us.
  15. get a 2002 secondhand Murci !!! In the US they have depreciated a good amount, prices must be more like 200K+/- 20K Dollars. Awesume value, wish it was the same in the UK.... :-(
  16. stop wasting your money on ferraris! LOL

    come to the dark side!

    I have to say i love the 360, I think its a great sports car but the attention you will get in a lamborghini is in comparable.

    360 = kate moss

    Diablo or Murcie =Pamela Anderson


  17. With or without the hepatitis C? :D
  18. Hhhh, thanks guys for providing some entertainment in this thread as long as some helpfull insight. I still am looking to know what is really each cars personality, which is great for what and so on.

    From what I understand and have been told by several friends, the newer Lamborghinis (Murcielago and Gallardo) are extremely "driver friendly" with their lights cluthes and easy 6-speed, that's what's been attracting me to them soo much. If I wasn't as big a p^%$# I'd be all over an Diablo by now...My F355 is an F1 and it is lacking quite a lot.

    Thats why a Stradale will solve this problem with much improved F1 systems in the Stradale and Enzo, and completly avoid this by going the Lambo route.

    Unfortunatly I am moving back to my homeland in about a year or so, and bringing the car there isn't really an option, so I want the most fun car for around a year, so somewhere in there depreciation plays a role.

    I've spoken with my dad about the topic and I usually respect his opinion as he knows whats best (or so I am told to believe), and he really thinks by the time I would get this car I'd have to start selling it, and so on, so it won't be really worth it... I am still open for ideas though. I am also selling my two other cars, so it's pretty much going to be my Range Rover and this car for quite some time. Common I really need some opinion here, and your's is definetly respected.
  19. Try Boston Sports Cars...they are the only dealer i know of in MA.

    Doug M.
  20. If your main object is to have fun with this car for a year, then sell it for sure because you are leaving the country, I think a used one is a must. Since a used one is a must and you are having fun with it for only a year, why not go all out and get a used Murci?

    You should be able to get a low milage Murci somewhere in the US. I am not in the US and don't know much about where the dealers are. Guys in here can help you with this easily though.

    Good luck and have fun hunting,...and driving!
  21. Yup. One time when I went there, I was taken to the lower level and there was a Murcielago and 3 Gallardos(Orange, black and yellow). At that point they were the only 3 in the country. I was told that they are the only authorized Lambo dealer in New England.
  22. This must be a rather recent development, but a good one IMO - they were super nice and friendly guys there.
  23. I have a 575M Maranello. My wife just got the '04 Murcielago. I asked if she would trade. NO WAY. 'Got it from Lambo Atlanta, would buy from then again.

  24. I'm sure that it's been said a dozen times but I'll say it again - your lovely wife has excellent taste in automobiles! I think my wife would be a little shy to have her own yellow Murci. I'm going to try though ;).

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