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Top Gear review of Gallardo and Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by rico, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Hey all

    Just watched the latest episode of Top Gear which is the main prime time British car program.

    They test the cars around a track with Perry McCarthy or another top driver and record the times.

    The Murcie beat the Zonda, GT3, 996TT etc around the track. Fastest car of the show's history (beat Konigsegg but they haven't tested the Enzo).

    the Gallardo was highly praised but its just lost the Italian feel to it...

    They had Jay Kay (lead of Jamiroquai)'s Miura SV, another Miura, Countach... all on the same program....

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  3. Wow indeed!

    How does one go about getting a copy of something like this? Sounds like an amazing program!

  4. Quite a lot of the users of record the programs then save them as mpegs over the next few days.

    I'll post a link here if i find any.

    Top Gear also make absolutely fab video clips of the cars. Really great program. Check BBC America to see if they're going to show it. If not, email their offices and sort them out!

    Kind regards, Andy
  5. Guys

    As mentioned in another post, is the most likely place for these clips to be hosted. Luca, the site's owner, has sorted out a new host and he is a legend for uploading clips.

  6. hehe , the Gallardo has lost the italian true !
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  8. Absolutely loved Jay Kays comments about owners that dont use there exotics.The guys F**king cool anyway,i watched it with my little boys(9 and 10) who can reel of every car in his collection from allegro to Enzo. Have you seen COSMIC GIRL with the Diablo and F40 classic.

  9. none of those clips worked for me
  10. Thanks!
    I will checking that website.
  11. Thats impossible for the Murcielago to beat those other cars on a track! Dont they know Lamborghinis cant turn/brake or accelerate? LOL
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  13. well the Gallardo was not really highly praised! unless we were watching different programs!

    I think the references used to describe what the merc and gallardo were are very apt.

    In the case of the merci, its is a picnic hamper where the germans have made the handle (so it doesnt fall apart!) and the italians have made the food!

    In the case of the gallardo the Germans have made the food!!(and we all know what a delight that is!)
    The sum up was ' the car, although faster than a 360 in outright terms just does not have that something special required to make it a worthy contender.
  14. Hey, some German food is good!

    Spannferkel (sp?), Wiener Schnitzel, Tafelspitz, Rosti, Sauerkraut...Yummy!

    I'll be driving a Gallardo in a few days. I look forward to the experience.

  15. Didn't the Zonda score the best time of all the cars they tested, with the Konigsegg only a tenth behind it? I have some of these 5th gear videos on my hard drive with the "Stig" driving and the Murcielago did not beat some of the cars you have listed.

    As far as it being the fasted car in the show's history, I believe they specifically stated on the Konigsegg episode that it was the fastest car Clarkson had ever tested.
  16. The Lap times were:


    The Konigsegg was the fastest car they had tested at 174.6mph, the Zonda was 4mph slower.

  17. They retested the murcielago because the original testing conditions weren't right. The new time was 0.1 secs faster than the Zonda.

  18. That is awsome, I would love to see the re-test. Anyone have access to it on their computer so that we can all see it.

  19. Clarkson said the car was technically good it just lost the Italian supercar characteristics which make Lamborghinis so great. Thus overall he didn't like the car but admitted it was a good car.
  20. Most all magazines give high praise to the Gallardo. Saying it is better than the 360 and Porche TT. High praise indeed!

  21. Not in the magazine articles ive been reading!
  22. Yes you are right. Not all the magazines praise the Gallardo over the 360, just 90% of them.
  23. I wish they would also re-do the standing start race with Murcielago and the Pagani in which Jeremy drives the Murci and gets killed by the Zonda. He babies the Murci off the line while the Zonda guy hammers it. With a proper launch, the race would be very close, but the Zonda would still win.
  24. Actuallly, in the 6 reviews I have only one of them comes to the conclusion that the gallardo has that something special to make it worthy of purchase over a 360, thats not 90pc!!!!

    Fact is its a good quality fast and a little like a very fast AUDI TT
  25. To me, the Gallardo is a disappointment. I had one on order, and cancelled it (as some of you are aware). As far as the fact that it outperforms the 360, I have one comment -- IT SHOULD. The 360 is circa 1999. That's almost 5 years of time that has passed. I would think with that 5 years, that Lambo could have come up with something much better. Not in terms of performance, but in terms of design appeal. I have a 360, and despite the fact that I would like more power (you always do), I won't part with it for a Gallardo. Exterior skin gets uglier every time I look at it. What a shame. The car is hot off the presses, and already the hype is almost dead. In 6-12 months, they will likely trade for below MSRP. Not only that, when Audi releases their car based on the Gallardo platform, there is a good chance that it will be a more visually appealing car, and have almost the same performance. Why would anyone buy a Gallardo then?

    The Murci, now that car is nice. I just wish Lambo knew how to design a car that can become a decent convertible. Their "roadster" designs just don't do it for me. They look like glorified targa tops, and the topless designs really bring attention to the large rear-ends of the Lambos (see Diablo roadster, and Mucri roadster concept). But in terms of a hardtop/coupe, the Murci is the car to have in the $250K-280K price range.
  26. I agree with you Clax, the Gallardo does nothing for me as far as Lambos go. No the Murc. is a different story, what a beautiful car! A gentleman in our neighborhood has a yellow one and the car is so much better than the Gallardo its not even funny. Love the Diablo also, great cars!
  27. What i dont understand, is why all of a sudden everyone compares the Gallardo to the Murcielago. That is not its competition. Since you guys compare the Murcielago to the Enzo, you should then compare the 360 to the Enzo. Obviously, the Murci is much more car than the Gallardo.

    From a performance standpoint, the Gallardo is superior to the 360 in everyway. Most likely Superior to Ferraris answer to the Gallardo, the Stradale. People will always differ on styling. Many people have voiced their opinions about dislike of the 360, some of you love it.
  28. I too am a deposit holder on a Gallardo to PX the 355.

    I have to say I like the styling of the gallardo and there is no doubt it outperfoms the 360- but there is more to the issue than than.

    If I want a car where the only criteria is that it should outperform the 360 then I would by a mitsibishi evolution a faster car in every sense.

    But what seems to be missing with the gallardo is that 'something special' which is why most of us here run a ferrari or other lambo beacuse we seek that different expereince.

    Another point you raised, which is of great concern is that I think these cars will be on a huge depreciation curve. Although the merci is a great car its now trading for 50K below list so its not a good sign. Shared engines/sharedplatforms and the prospect of audi doing a turbo version of it also

    Think im going to have to change my mind!

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