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Took the 25th out today LOLOL

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by marcussean, Apr 10, 2014.

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    Wife left work with my keys ,
    I had not choice to take my son to school with the lambo LOLOL I had best drive ever !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Montreal ,CANADA
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  3. Your son will probably be bugged for life now. lol
  4. Our roads still frighten me.
  5. That is something he will always remember.
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  7. Very cool,bet he loved it and it made his day!
  8. I took mine ONCE. Never again. He got picked on pretty bad because daddy has cool cars. The next time he'll be driving it in HS all on his own. By then the car will be 40 years old. lol
  9. That's awsome. How many minivans chased you home?lol.
  10. He's young. As the other kids get older and realize what your cars are he'll probably have a little following. That is when he needs sort out who his friends are. Lesson #1 to your son = 'haters'.
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    HI ,was a great day for both of us , I love little moments like that with my son .
    Here is pic of the lambo in the summer , can't wait !!!!!
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  15. I picked up the nieghbors kid from high school last year in the Countach. I think I had more fun than the kid :)
  16. Excellent, Sean!

    Spending time with your young son in the Lambo, you are inadvertently training him to be successful when he grows up, because kids find it natural to emulate the good & productive values their parents have into being successful themselves. No doubt he will be buying his own Lamborghini/s one day!
  17. I'll never forget when I drove my dads Testarossa to my first day of school! To complicate things, I transferred and was the "new guy." Needless to say, I was 15 with my drivers permit in 1995 and the car was a 1990 (so still pretty new). I made quite a scene and even the headmaster came up to congratulate me at lunch for letting my father borrow my car. Good times. The kids either loved it or hated it
  18. Hahaha that is awsome. You mention taking the Testarossa to school, nowhere do you mention your father letting you,..... at 15.:):)

    PS. If a story like this one ever comes out of CT., will someone please contact me asap.
  19. I usually pick up my boys from the last day of school in the CT or something else I have at the time. It is well received by his friends and others.

    I remember taking my fathers 76 930 to High School one Friday after lunch, and when I was driving away after school, the Driving instructor yelled out "what does your Dad drive"? Great memory!

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