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Tom, Welcome to "The Dark Side"

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. We have another convert. Tom F-1 has joined the ranks of the "Inner circle of the DARK SIDE". He just purchased this unreal 97.5 VT Roadster with only 7k on the clock. What a beauty!!!!!! Drive it like you stole it Tom. Good luck!!!!!!
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  3. Thanks, AJ.

    I appreciate your sponsorship.
    I look forward to yours and others' shared knowledge.

  4. Beautiful!

  5. thanks, U.D and guys are splendid. dang...i can't get enough of looking at it....

    sat. won't come soon enough....i feel like a little kid anxioulsy awaiting for x-mas morning to open my toy and play it...
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  7. U.D

    that's splendid, man....just splendid.
  8. Congrats! I would love to hear all about it after you get it (you know, comparison to other cars, how it feels/sounds/looks/reactions youve gotten etc). I love reading that sort of stuff.
  9. Sorry to here that. What happened? Waiting for the 2005 is not a bad thing, you know it has some good upgrades.

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  11. that car is stunning!
    Congrats & best wishes.
  12. Tom ... I haven't been on this site for much yet ... but ... you're always adding cars to your garage ... and each time they get better! This is quite amazing. I wanna be you when I grow up :D
    Are you gonna play AJ style, with the famous motto, "a mod a day?" :D LOL

    Mucho congrats! A very nice car indeed.
  13. Big-T,

    We've PM'd in private. Now it's time to congratulate you on your beauty in public -


    Love the dream machine. She looks so HOTT in black.
  14. Congrats!! What a beautiful Roadster!!

  15. vik....

    my invite to you, my dear friend is an open one.
    i will make it to the big apple sometime in november.
    let's make sure we hook up.
  16. good golly, julien....set your sight higher when you grow

    i can never be in A.J leaque ......some meet the bar, some raise the bar....AJ build them.....
  17. Coming from you Tom, I am............almost speechless. Thanks.
  18. I look forward to that. Let me know when the plans shape up. Fo' sho'!
  19. Nice TOM!! I love the color combo!! Let me know if you have any quesions
  20. Congrats on the Diablo purchase!

    What kind of exhaust does it have? Looks like it's an aftermarket one.

    Give us some impressions on how it compares to your 360 (I know, totally different cars, but I'm curious).
  21. wow, sweet ride tom... one of the best ones sported on FC.... well, in my opinion anyway ;)
  22. Tom,
    I'm sure you can't wait for Saturday to come, well it will come, just a bit slower than you would like it to. You will just love your Diablo you made a great choice in cars,she looks super clean congratulations and enjoy!

  23. clyde,

    not even remotely close....and you don't have to look very far but that sounds nice. thanks for your approbation.


  24. glad you
    you have PM.....
  25. Wow Tom, another car? I'm sure the wife is pleased... ;)

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