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To tell or not to tell?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by roytoy2003, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Yes, and thanks for sending them to me...I WANT this car add to be P E R F E C T L Y CLEAR!! what this car was and is...

    I just cant think of anything more to make this a complete DICLOSED add>?
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  3. HE loves #13 SE...and he is in your neighborhood, so I would think you will see him soon on the road..I know he is at Spring Training now...but prior to his off to spring work..he put about 1000 miles on it already...

    Last I spoke to him he wants to add a WING to it, but I have no OEM wings in stock right now...we are looking for one for him. I WOULD not allow him to put an aftermarket wing on such a special car.

    One last INFO, he orginaly was buying the car for HIS OWN Christmas present and wanted to have it at his Christmas Party with his Parents to show his new found car and the success he is enjoying..and was very dis-appointed when the FIRST car arrived..

    To make sure we did not dis-appoint him WE SENT the new car SE #13 on a one car trailer HOT SHOT from Seattle to Florida NON STOP and it arrived at approx 2PM on CHristmas Eve day...exspensive for me, YEP about $9K BUT worth every penny when he called happy as hell that we suprised him..and the next call while he was driving it with his wife, then dad, then mom, then son...on and was worth every frikn penny to me to KNOW I gave him that joy!!
  4. No...thank you!

    I could not be happier with my 6.0 and SE30.

    Your passion, enthusiasm and support for the Lamborghini marque is truly impressive.

    I will be visiting Garage Affolter during Q2 to look at a car. You should come along and then we can go ELF hunting....:D
  5. Way to go - After all this, I would actually feel comfortable buying from you Roy.
  6. I am still kicking myself for not buying SE #13.
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  8. YES I know what you of a kind great car...

  9. You should, I know Roy and Kevin better than most and can honestly say that they go beyond what any other dealers would do.
  10. the GT is stunning and needs a new owner who shares it more with the marque enthusiasts, good luck :)
  11. I think you're doing the right thing here Roy.

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  13. There's usually 2 sides to every story. The other side had plenty of time to tell it. At this point, dealer B would be wise to own up to their mistakes and make good with Roy. I think dealer B forgets how forum threads can spread like wildfire.
  14. Jun,

    How is my old beautiful MURCIE treating you, my friend?

    I've known Roy for as long as he's been in business and I've recycled through more cars with him than his women of questionable virtue. Roy is a friend but he is minful of my principle at all times. Roy knows I will call him out when the line is crossed. With that said

    Is Roy guilty of ignorance? Yes, at times as we all are.
    Is Roy guilty of careless-ness? Yes, more so than he cares to admit (just look at his spell check)
    Is Roy guilty of clueless-ness? Yes, unless it's car marketing related, my 3 yrs old can glance at most of his threads and tell you they are all catalysts for train wrecks.
    Is Roy guilty of malice? ABSOLUTELY NOT. There isn't a mean bone in the man's body.
    Is Roy motivated by greed? I can't speak for others but he has refused to accept my compensation more than once. I have to fight him to take my money and that's the truth.
    Is Roy trust-worthy? ABSOLUTELY. Fwiw, Jun will attest to this "Roy put $200k into my bank account" even before I handed over the possession or title of my car Murcie.

    Every saint has his pasts and every sinner has his futures. Roy is NO SAINT but a pretty decent man. You might say "I trust him".
  15. Roy is very trusting of his customers. When we traded in our Lambo to buy his Lambo, we took title and possession of his car before we sent him our title and car.

    Roy, I'm glad to see that you're making an effort on improving those spelling errors!

  16. Hey Tom!!

    Hope you and the family are well.

    How many times have we posted positive stuff about our transaction with Roy? Remember in our transaction, at one point Roy had NOTHING, I had the car and you had the money and the title. Same experience when I purchased some wheels from him. He sent me the wheels trusting me to send him my originals AFTER I mounted the ones I bought from him.

    I've heard a lot about Roy on all the boards. I can speak from actual experiences with him - he's been very trusting, and honest.

    Hey Tom, PM me and let me know what's in your garage now. With how you buy cars it's had to have changed a few times since we last spoke. You've probably been driving Roy crazy with all your purchases! Be well my friend!
  17. hahaha.

    Glad things settled down and didn't get as heated this go round. I was expecting another high volume thread.
  18. I wonder how much of this just isn't a territorial pissing contest with rimoore coming on as a Sponsor recently.
  19. I think its commendable how Roy handled this problem but the issue still remains that if this is how Dealer B stands behind their product I for one would never consider doing business with them. I hope they look at this objectively and make things right before the car sells and its too late. As others stated, these forums will be read by many people and when people are asked about certain dealers ( which they do all the time) it will no doubt have an effect on future business.
  20. WOW. Regardless of what else goes on in this thread I think rimoore owes Roy an apology for his statement here.
  21. Well, if it is the score is: Roy +1 - rimoore 0
  22. Started and ended the read on post 1. Anyone who spent 30 seconds (or you'd think someone in the biz :rolleyes:) would know that a father cannot just simply file theft charges on a son over a car deal gone sideways. LE considers these matters civil and won't issue a stolen vehicle report until 30 days after a formal demand for the vehicle's return has been made.

    After that other stolen Lambo debacle when you broke sacred confidentiality told the world about the nature of your customers transaction, anyone would be wondering how you could possibly be so reckless when it comes to any vehicle, let alone with a title blem on the carfax .....

    Is there some more entertainment value ahead?
  23. I don't see how. The car is on eBay... it's beat. It couldn't possibly be described as anything better than "really rough around the edges". If Roy was given a description implying better, and since Roy's claim hasn't been refuted, well.... that says it all.

    The title washing issue is another league entirely and transcends any beef over the description given of the car. If true that is a matter for law enforcement, or at least lawyers, IMO.

    I'm guessing buyers are probably thinking.... "what if this was a retail sale and I was in Roy's position..... could I expect to get a car sold as immaculate and this POS shows up in my driveway? And if it did happen, how would the seller handle the situation".

    At least that's how it appears thus far.

    And if nothing else, it's more intarweb drama for us all to waste some time on when we ought to be working :)
  24. Obviously, I don't have a problem with this thread. Users can post almost what they want at their own liability. Many times it is a benefit to the rest of the community. If two sponsors want to go head to head like this, fine with me. Actually better they are both sponsors as it won't seem I'm partial.

    Just think why Roy has made it so public vs. "getting a lawyer" handling offline like most first recommended? What did dealers use to do before the internet? Does one controversial car dealing warrant a full slam on Dealer B? Is Roy free of any controversial car dealings himself?

    To me it is mostly Roy's modus operandi for the public drama, a little less about two similar dealers being territorial on, and maybe the least relevant there is actually a controversial dealer transaction here. I guess in the wholesale world things happen more frequently and faster pace than individual transactions, would any individual on here admit they wouldn't have figured out what Roy didn't?
  25. #222 roytoy2003, Jan 28, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2009
    Well I did the best I thought I could and yes I am probably stupid for always wanting the last word...BUT YOU FAIL to take one FACT into your statement..

    This thread was started as a Moral question and NEVER even in this writing DID I reveal OR call out Dealer B..and you all have to decide who Dealer B is..not from me. AND this thread STILL NOW would not have an identy of Dealer B without the AID OF ANOTHER that responded WITHOUT BEING called out by me or revealed even in the slightest..

    So NO this thread did not end up where I wanted it, just some opinions of moral question......but the turn was caused by another driver in the crash waiting to happen...NOT ME!......

    Now that is the FACT!
  26. Roy:
    I feel your pain, brother. I for one have never met you, nor done business with you, so I am in no position to judge the validity of claims of poor practices...or good ones. My opinion is that if you did indeed make mistakes in the past, it appears as if you're working to rectify that. Kudos to you. Trying to be honorable in a sea of sharks is difficult no matter how you look at it.

    To the SportsCarCompany guy: I don't know you either and don't personally know anyone who has done business with you either. I respect your attempts to clear the air or challenge claims that you feel may be inaccurate. I've never heard anything bad (or good for that matter) about your cars so I again am in no position to make any judgments. Again, respect is due for you standing up for your beliefs and my sympathies for having to try and communicate the message that you stand for integrity and honor in this highly competitive business.

    Either way, I don't think this debate is doing either company any good from a PR perspective and further, it strengthens the resolve of people who view car dealers as "questionable."

    In the exotic car industry, buyers demand premium service, high levels of integrity and professionalism. We all know that. But this debate seems more worthy of two Hyundai dealers in South Florida fighting bait and switch ads than two dealers trying to get to the bottom of a car with a questionable background....and little can be done now to sway readers...most have probably made up their mind. Short of court rulings, the PR damage is done.

    Back to the original point of this thread:
    If any dealer winds up with a car that has a questionable history, I believe it is their right to as fairly and objectively as possible to report these findings and to disclose them to the world from the outset.

    I will bet Roy never buys a car again without a thorough PPI (not saying that he has in the past), nor will SCC guys let this lesson go unlearned.

    Every such instance is yet another blemish to the exotic car buying/selling experience and is doing nothing to bolster consumer confidence.

    I hope the debate takes a more conciliatory tone going forward, with both dealers outlining their known facts about the car, and full disclosure about the dealer in question.
  27. Roy, I should scan and post the PO that your signed. On that PO is a statement in handwriting that there is a negitive on the Carfax. That along with the carfax you had and the converstations. You knew exacty the car you were getting. Now your trying a cheap publicty stunt. Have fun with your little games and your pack of wolves. I know the truth and that's all that matters to me.
  28. Buddy,
    Seriously stop...Stop, stop stop. You just pulled yourself out of the sh&t, got cleaned off, got some real nice words from our customers, and got the thread ended right where you wanted...and you dive back in. Either you like swimming in sh&t, or you can't help yourself. Think about it, do you really want to start at the beginning again and go through ten more pages with your ***** dangling in the wind. Get it together man. Do not feel compelled to answer every accusation and don't be so doesn't translate well onto the printed page. UGGGGHHHH, For a moment there you were smelling like a rose. So please, as your self-appointed public relations representative :), thank everyone for their kind words, promise to let them know how the auction turns out, say this whole thing has been a learning experience and you look forward to putting this whole thing behind you and then politely exit stage left...even Elvis knew when it was time to leave the building...

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