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To tell or not to tell?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by roytoy2003, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. Roy, do you expect anyone to believe that you shipped a car 3000 miles to get a PPI instead of having it done in the same city where it was purchased? That's real whopper. Do you even know what the truth is?
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  3. THANK YOU...Now we at least have an answer to appears that this DEALER is licensed to see retail sales of "used" cars in the State of California Since 2001.

    Thanks for taking the time to get this issue resolved.
  4. I've got no fight in this, but rimoore did answer this question yesterday:
  5. Well just check with MANY of my customers who will tell you, YES, that is exactly what we do so that they can feel good about the Dealer OF THIER CHOICE to perfrom the PPI and FEEL safe and at ease with our "No problem, full return guarantee". WE alllow and require our cusotmers to fill out a form that MAKES them provide the Dealer of THEIR CHOICE to perfrom the PPI test...what is wrong with that..?

    Why do we do this..BECAUSE we have to make it easy for someone to WANT to buy a car unseen, from us and HAVE NO WORRIES to return it just as if you were to return a pair of Jeans to J. C Penny......NO HASSEL

    Pretty smart business sense IMO
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  8. rimoore, this is a pretty good post which you have not answered. Care to comment on it?
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    Maybe someone should print the thread and fax over to Sports Car Company, ATTN: Jim Lyons

    That would be funny! I wonder how funny Jim would think it is?
  10. Sounds to me like Roy took your word on the car, probably passed that on to the purchaser and purchaser wanted to get a PPI locally to confirm what he was buying. At this point it seems everyone was on the same page and Roy thought the car was as advertised. Now, if you feel like the car is just fine why not have Roy send the car back to you on his dime and sell it again with full disclosure? A reputable dealer would do this, if not, it shows to me that you pawned off a hot potato that you yourself might have been burned on which says a lot to the huge pool of exotic buyers that read these forums.

  11. Dealer B was asked JUST that..."we are sending the car back, have ate all the transport fees from California to Florida, the PPI, costs, the transport back, the loss in intrest AS well as the additional cost of transport to send customer ANOTHER car...all on our "dime", just give back the money we expended on the purcahse of this and you go your way Dealer B and I go my way Dealer A...and the two of us shall never do business again..."

    Seemed like a VERY VERY reasonable request to me...but I guess not as we are here now..and I have no second thoughts that this has not done either Dealer A or Dealer B any good...but sometimes you just have to say "screw it" I am not turning the other cheek and go forward...

    In the short term this car COULD have easily been re-sold by Dealer B for around 100K with full disclosure, so they would have had anet loss of MAYBE $32,000...sure seems a lot cheaper than what it is going to be now...not to mention the UNTOLD loss of future sales for Dealer B...and YES some for Dealer a I am sure as well.
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  13. +1
  14. +1

    Exactly! and Rimoore, just so you know you have made Sports Car Company, Jim Lyons, and yourself look very badly coast to coast in a just a few short posts...I would think in the economy the way it is you wouldnt want to piss off potential customers...maybe you made Roy look bad to some but you made yourself look equally bad to others. Sure, myself and others stir the pot because we can, but when it comes time to spend our hard earned money the last place I want it to be with is some quick to spout out, been in the car business selling high end exotics 1 year, I have this and that, I will be here forever because I am the man salesman. When and if you are the man, you wont have to tell people, they will already know.
  15. I'd start with spending some of your money on a subscription to F-CHAT :).
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    Brilliant! You want to turn on Fchat members and suck up to Rob in the same sentence! Didnt you know word of mouth advertising is the best form of advertising! That probably cost you 10 or so customers directly because when I hear Sports Car Company I am going to say something negative! and then they might buy somewhere else and tell some other people...

    I feel bad for you actually...its like watching a drug user keep sticking themselves with a needle.
  17. I have never lied about a car or purposely hid anything. That's not the way I operate.
  18. Lighten up!
  19. Let's give it some time and see what people say about the cars they purchase from me. If I'm a scoundrel then your going to hear about it.

  20. I never said you lied and I wasn't any part of this deal but I would be very surprised if Roy never asked you any questions pertaining to condition of this car before he purchased it. That said, say for some reason he never asked you anything, and you advertised the car as pristine and then the PPI uncovered a history that the buyer was not made aware of (even if he didn't ask) as a reputable dealer do you not feel like you need to make the deal right or is it your opinion that the check is cashed and it is his problem? If you take that position, I can assure you that the damage that will do to you guys as a business will be far worse than the potential loss on this one deal if you make it right. The exotic community is way too small for something like this to go unnoticed especially in this climate.
  21. Now this is my programming background showing through. Is it an "endless loop" for two dealers to be going back and forth about ethics and laws?
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    I am not trying to be mean, I am telling you 100% the TRUTH and I am 100% sure anyone on this board would agree with me.

    You want to do 2 things in life, collect friends and money and so far in this thread you have done anything and everything to do the opposite and you continue by calling "other" scoundrels.

    You send me a private email above....I dont think your a bad guy...I think you are not thinking clearly about some choices you have made. Its definitely not smart to get on a public forum and have words with someone else. You may not like Roy, but Roy sells alot of cars and from my own experiences with him he has been 100% on the money...he has ALWAYS called a spade a spade.

    You read his post and go on the attack...he didnt say Sports Car Company..he said Dealer A,B,C. You must have some guilt somewhere or feel like you have to clear your name, which was Dealer B, in the beginning before your rant.

    It really doesnt matter to me...I just hate to see people ruin things very quickly because they are not the very least you have damaged the persons business that hired you. I can look at your picture and tell you want to be the man...but you have a long journey ahead of you.

    Just my 2 cents...Best to you Richard!
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    Eh, I don't buy the black and white image that Roy is trying to portray here. I don't know rimoore at all, but it sure seems that Roy always has a lot of drama around his deals.

    Just sayin'
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  24. I don't care who did what to whom in this situation.

    Bottom line: I'll NEVER buy an exotic from a car dealer or wholesaler again. My experience with Fox Valley on my second Diablo and the recent controversy at LOC proves only one thing: getting under the car yourself, with a qualified mechanic who is in no way connected with any exotic car wholesaler/retailer is the only way to get some peace of mind.

    By the same token, I'll probably never buy NEW again, having bad experiences with "mainstream" car dealers, like local MB, Audi and BMW dealers.

    I don't trust anyone, and certainly not any car dealers. Despite a good experience with Lamborghini of Dallas, I still and always will, crawl under the effin car myself.

    In short, when money is involved, trust no one.
  25. I don't own a lambo, probably will never own a lambo, but I do own a Ferrari and will probably buy another in the next few years. So, let me just say that as a potential customer, after reading this thread extensively, I wouldn't buy a car from Sports Car Company. Why not? because there are a ton of Ferrari dealers out there, why buy from one with known baggage. I also seriously question the wisdom of Roy starting an anonymous thread which just served to highlight a whole lot of dirty laundry from his past. No offense Roy, but I probably wouldn't buy one from you for the same reason. Of course, prior to this thread, I held both of you in high regard and you probably would have been on my call list next time around.
    Well done gentlemen.

    As I am sure others will confirm, this was one gigantic clusterf&ck from a PR perspective.

    You guys are selling high end cars to discriminating clientele and you are behaving like a bunch of high schoolers.

    Richard, I have backed you in the past, but this thread really made you look bad. You should step back and read it with objective eyes. Roy, I feel for you on this one, but you are no saint either.

    Just my .02.
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    Agree 110% as I said earlier in this thread...I am SURE it has done me damage as well and may indeed cost me future customers...but I started this thread as a QUESTION to what is right and wrrong in todays world with this given situation, there was no intent and still is no intent to forward Dealer B...if was to ask and recieve answer on what the morals value of thought was on the situation..

    AND yes I am far from a we all that are human are...BUT I can have no issue in stating that I have ALWAYS met my critcisum head on with no sugar coating and taken care of it to the best I could to make the customer whole who puts food on my table ..
  28. LOL, we have an ad on the radio here for a Honda dealer, it talks about how everybody views dealers as "sharks". I guess this qualifies as a "sharkfight". Rawr!

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