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To tell or not to tell?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by roytoy2003, Jan 26, 2009.

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  1. WOW I love the GOOD Police Dectivectives is it PRESTENE....? What is the carfax notaition.?
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  3. I have always loved a great thread where I can sit on the sidelines and eat popcorn :). This time I'm knee deep in the action. Somewhere in all of this is an entertainment value :)
  5. that car looks familiar.
  6. true

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  8. It sure looks like this ad is giving a heads up that there is a carfax problem. Sounds honest and up front to me. Since you only found one hit on that. I guess it's a rare item to mention when your trying to sell a car.
  9. Whose on first?
  10. Yes, buyer beware..if there is only one HIT DARN you are adiot for asking...and Dealer B is a BIGGER theif for saying OH well onehit yo should have investiagated...dont take my word for are a DUMMY for takeing it t oeart..after all IT HAS A CLEAR CALI TITLE..

    YEP I COVERED MY ASS.....................BUYER BEWARE.........!!

  11. Actually dealer B says they have your signature on a PO that has a handwritten note that there is a "Negative" on the carfax. If your too darned lazy to go see what that is on $100,000 car then don't go cry wolf later. Oh wait. You were faxed the carfax by dealer B. Geesh it sure sounds like they went the extra mile in trying to make you aware of the cars known history. Roy go cry me a river.
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  13. Well said!
  14. exactly and i wonder why he does not disclose the fact that this car on his website has had extensive fire damage

    is there a double standard?
  15. +1
  16. Well as I asked prior, if thats the case, can you have Dealer B post this "paperwork" that states the car WAS a "Salvaged Title" and not a "notation" on carfax...and can you also post said carfax that Dealer B states clearly says it has a "Salvaged Title".../?

    AND can you please ask Dealer B to refund me to start with $32,000 on the the $132,000 WHOLESALE car, then it would be $100,000.00 it was not PRICE REFLECTIVE red flag....

    Again you do not think it necessary for Dealer B to disclose WHEN ASKED to Dealer A that the car had accident, paint, non oem parts and PREVIOUSLY had a "salvaged title" when Dealer B KNEW this...or is it OK to "make a hand written note" that as you state... buyer beware your to Lazy to find out for yourself?
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    I see your point, but not oranges to oranges IMO...anyone that has inquired on this car in a serious manner has been advised and provided documentation and pics of the so called "exstensive" fire...which as we all know was a oil fire to the right rear quarter....not to mention it is a RACE CAR and not titled for the I do not think it is the same or a double standard IMO?

    PLUS Dealer B ADD clearly states "Prestine" "even to the desirning eye" no where in their add does Dealer B has histroy ask when calling...nope, just as us was only disclosed upon inquiry of the car...and then NOT FULLY DISCLOSED so please point out the Double Standard...I would be glad to change the add on my RACE CAR to "Pristene" "even to the deserning eye" if you think that is a better way to go..?

    One other piece of information I have not yet advised is that Dealer B in THEIR ADVERTISMENT had the WRONG VIN# the time Dealer B said to Dealer A it was a print mistake...yea, well I think not was an obvious attempt to get "potential" people on the car to call and get an explination instead of running the carfax with the correct vin and ingoring the car right off the bat...

    Last I checked in my book that is called "Bait and switch" to some degree..?

    But YOU are the PUBLIC and the CUSTOMER, so if you think that is a CORECT WAY to advertise a all means let me know and I will add these words to ALL my cars...and make sure if there are any with a "notation" on the carfax to immediatly change the VIN to a False vin...of course my answer will be it is a print mistake and you should not be so lazy as to not find out for yourself....should I do that?
  18. Roy said Sports Car Company "only has" a Wholesale License.

    Rick said they have a Retail License.

    I'm confused, which is correct?
  20. I think right now it is a He said she said issue...I think it can be answered very easily.....but I guess we will have to see...or someone here that has the time can check with the State of California license Divison....
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  22. OMG ROTFL I cant keep a straight face........

    This is with out question the best POST I have ever seen.....G R E A T !!!

    Nice thet we can add some humor to this otherwise sad event on the morality of man vs man
  23. Wow there is something that Roy and I can agree on. Well done for one of the best posts ever. Now that the halftime show is over. I'm going to get back to mopping this guy all over the floor.
  24. Between the crackpot up in Washington or the guy with a storefront in LA Jolla, CA. I think the choice is clear.
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  26. Roy, your a better tap dancer then Fred Astair. If you can't see the trend here I'll point it out to you. Your being a hypocrite. This is your reputation around the industry and on other boards. Stop trying to convince people that you got taken for a ride.

    The real story from the horses mouth is this. You knew exactly the car you were buying but want everyone to believe that poor little old Roy was swindled by the big bad Dealer B. You purchased the car and immediately shipped it to your customer. Only after your customer rejected the car did you try to unwind the deal. Having an invalid VIN in the ad is really going to fool everyone when they try and run a carfax. Geesh there must be a problem with carfax!!! You knew the vin and as you had a copy of the title and the carfax. The car was also in the shop of a world renowned Lambo expert. Too bad for all those cutbacks on long distance.

    Call me the next time you purchase a car and I'll help you out. You certainly need it being so unknowledgeable and inexperienced. Who sold you the firetrap Lambo that was pointed out this morning? I bet that came from nasty old dealer X. Your going after him next right?
  27. Mark on the title or not, did you sell a car that previously had a salvage brand on an earlier title and describe the car as pristine? Seems to me if the car was described as previously wrecked car put back together with NON OEM parts than this thread wouldn't exist. I have since read some stories about this car and it seems like quite a lot of people knew the car was not as advertised. You guys probably could have benefited from each other in a long term relationship so dumping a storied car on someone that could help you in the future seems short sighted. Also, you had to know that when the car was received their would be a problem so was the money worth all that? Like Roy said, their is a market for such a car anyway if described correctly so is a reputation worth a few extra bucks?

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