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This weeks new Gallardo photos

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Mark(study), Feb 21, 2004.

  1. First orange Gallardo...I've seen.
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  3. Mark
    has that car been sold yet?
  4. Hi Wayne,

    Are you a Gemologist? I'm a big science gem fan.

    The top two Gallardo pics are from they still have the car and are asking 190k

    The Orange Gallardo in the two bottom photos was just dropped off in Florida, was sold from Beverly Hills Lambo.

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  6. I'm trying to talk the doctor next door into a Gallardo.He probably won't spring but he has talked about the metallic Orange.
    Diamonds..primarily my preference in gemstones.
  7. Orange is a great color for that car. Although Wayne's color is awesome as well. Wayne did you see the Gallardo they had at Newport Autosport?
  8. Do you know the guys at Newport Autosport very well? They okay guys to deal with?
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  10. Murcie
    Don't really know them, been in there recently inquiring about moving my 550.
    The pricing info was erroneous IMHO but then that's the nature of the
    car business I suppose? Need to get someone who has done real deals
    not hypothetical deals with them...
    P.s. My "outerlimits" buddy just bought a Wild West MC.
  11. Is that gorgeous orange Lambo the victim of those nasty car matching wheels from the other thread?!

    Look at all those stunning cars in the dealership... man I need to work in Miami or LA!
  12. Armen from Newport Autosport posts here... He pretty much runs the place.
  13. Is this the new 4 cylinder Mini-Lambo?
  14. I haven't looked in the engine bay yet..I rhink it is. It beats every Ferrari made except the Enzo. Man just think what it would do with a V-10!!!
  15. JMO but the rear end of the Gallardo is not attractive, lloks like the designers just gave up and said: ".. we've done enough, I'm tired, let's just wrap it up"

    Some of those overhead shots, especially the rear decklid look like that V12 VW that they are supposedly going to make. Any thoughts?
  16. Just a few brand new pics from a German car magazine called "auto-motor-sport" They drove the Gallardo with "winter" tyres...and it works damn good:D

  17. It's great to see great cars being used!
  18. ...and THATS what they are built for - of course we all know in the right hands!!!;)

  19. Thanks for the great shots Wolfgang! Where are the palm trees?
  20. Oh my god, I wish I would live in sunny SoCal!!!!!
    NO snow, no damn expensive winter tyres you need to buy for those snowy days, always sun & fun. Have you ever seen snow in SoCal;)??
    Its looks beautiful on the pics but its f**** cold and dangerous to drive:D

    Enjoy your beautiful SoCal and drive as much as possible!

    Greetings from cold & frozen Germany

  21. Actually the mountains above San Bernardino give us a view of snow many times during winter. A view works for me.
  22. Hi Wayne,

    I didn`t know that there is also a region/area called San Bernadino in SoCal.
    The "San Bernadino is a famous pass in the Swiss alps 2.334m high!!!!
    Have a look here:
    We have driven this beautiful pas many times with our Ferrari. Its always a highlight to drive there.

  23. Armen is a good guy, but I believe he sold the place last year.

    I have talked to Timothy Plante there. Never bought anything, but he seems like a good guy.
  24. too WIERD!!!!!!!!!!!!

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