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This Murci Has Been Driven

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by SkizoACE, May 31, 2004.

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  2. That is the press car. It was sold direct from Lambo to the dealer. It is a really nice car. All updates and services. Car is immaculate. Would be a great deal for someone to pick up that wanted a Murci.

  3. Excellent deal for asking price
  4. My uncle has been looking online for a Murci. He said hes getting tired of the ole' 355.
  5. Nice to see a lot of miles on it. There is at least one more out there with close to that mileage. A member here put close to 30,000 on his before he sold it. His was black.
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  7. The same dealership had a blue one a few months ago with about 25000...
  8. any service issues with 22k miles on it chris?

  9. I agree, I think $165k-$170k would get it and if no issues then someone would be very lucky. Higher mileage Lambos are not anything to stress over IMO...I am partly interested in a 2001 6.0 and if the price drops about $10k more I am going to inquire on it:)
  10. That car just sold for the 179 asking price.Dont ask me why I know,but its a fact.
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  12. I still would rather have a late model Diablo with 20k less miles for nearly sililar money.
  13. Exactamundo!!
  14. I wish I could spell "similar". Second thought I can spell but can't type!!

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