This just in... Gallardo can do 200 mph | LamborghiniChat

This just in... Gallardo can do 200 mph

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by robiferretti, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. :D

    now do i post the video? or save it for the dvd release in 2 weeks?

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  3. VIDEO!!!
  4. V I D E O
  5. Hey Rob, not that I doubt you have the video, but how accurate is the speedo? Now if you have it verified by GPS that is another story. None the less that rocks! I was wondering why the Gallardo didn't bust 200 when it first came out. Maybe it had to do with Lamborghini not wanting big brother to be shown up?
  6. still frame from video
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  8. Wow! And it has not even reached 8000 rpm yet! Thats amazing!

  9. Wow thats thats awesome discovery for me :). I'm loving the G car more and more!
  10. That’s amazing! Quick question, what maintenance have you done to your G car with 10,700 miles on it.
  11. Can somebody post the power curve of the Gallardo.
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  13. Video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. I will be the the devil's advocate and say save, the video sell the dvd, you can't buy marketing like this :)
  15. this is great for the gallardo
    because the 360
    can't get even close to this top end number
  16. maintanence, 1 clutch @ 7500 mi, (warrantied), new set of tires@ 10,000mi, and 3 oil changes. Car has given very few problems. The 360 gets similar mileage put on it and requires exponential service bills in comparison. Maybe audi should buy ferrari :)
  18. E-reag issues. No reason the clutch should go in a few thousand miles
  19. Heading downhill to hit 200mph?

    Either way an amazing car.

    Stay safe

  20. now post the video already:D:D

    How was the handling? Did the front end feel light?
  21. gallardo feels awesome at speed, vs the 360 which feels loose. IMO
  22. soon as I finally get my dam headers fixed (maybe tommorow will finally end this tragedy) I'd like to hook up so you can take me for a ride in the quite beautiful Gallardo...

    STay in touch..
  23. what is that yellow thing in the center LCD screen?
  24. The ghost of Lambo's Past.. :D
  25. Actually, it's a screen saver for the MFD.
  26. Yeah, I'd go 200 every day if I could! I think I'll sell my 360 and get a Gallardo!!

  27. Rob--

    Did you do that in Noah's Gallardo? And WHERE did you do that considering that you've been having trouble in New Jersey?
  28. If its like my Murci, that light illuminates when the rear spoiler has come up but there is a fault with it. On the Gallardo I suspect it just means the spoiler has deployed, that right anyone?

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