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Thinking of getting a Gallardo..questions

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Motoracer, Aug 29, 2004.

  1. Right now I have a 2004 BMW M3 that I love, and plan on keeping as a daily driver. Lately, I have been thinking of getting a Gallardo in the 6speed as a weekend car.

    Does anyone know when information or pictures on the 2005 Gallardo will be released?

    Is the 6-speed more reliable than the e-gear?

    How reliable is the Gallardo engine?

    I have never sat in one, but it looks like the interior is "tight" leather and seats are "racing style." Does the leather crack and wrinkle after some time, or does is stay looking the way you get it?

    Are there any problems with the 6-speed clutch?

    Where can I find out about options, colors and more information on the car?

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. If we knew where you lived we could send you to the nearest Lamborghini dealership. The car is too new to answer many of your questions.

  4. Congrats on considering the dark side. :)

    2005 and 2004 will be the same design inside and out of the Gallardo last time I spoke with Fox Valley Motorcars in Chicago.

    The 6-speed and the E-Gear is a whole can of worms to open. Some with the E-Gear on earlier Gallardos reported a slew of problems, most seem to be resolved with new software in the computer from what I've read. Actual owners will want to chime in here.....

    The Gallardo engine is as reliable as you can get, same as any Lamborghini product. There's a big myth about Lamborghinis being unreliable. It's a load of crap. These are extremely reliable cars, as long as you maintain them per the factory recommendations.

    The leather will stay perfect as long as you don't weigh 300lbs and you use leather conditioner to keep the seats breating instead of dehydrated. Standard leather care.

    As for the options, you got me on that one. A dealer can answer your questions on that. The only options I know of are the GPS navigation screen in the dash, and then the 6-speed vs E-Gear.

  5. There is also the colored caliper option, clear engine bonnet, and im not sure but metallic paint might be one of them too
  6. Great cars with awesome power. The 6 speed is a little less finicky than the E-Gear right at the moment. That being said though, I have guys riding around in E-Gears with over 5k miles on them with no problems what so ever. I am a die hard manual trans guy but understand why people would want and or need the E-Gear to make the car feasible for their use.
    As for options, you have quite a few. Sorry Ben, no navi yet. Still trying to get that one worked out for our market. You can get coming home(Homelink), On board computer(standard with E-Gear), colored brake calipers(yellow or Silver), sport package(stiffer suspension, different dampers, suede wrapped steering wheel), bi colored interior, different paint options(metallic, 3 stage pearlescent), power seats(either heated or non), glass engine bonnet(looks fantastic), and some new stuff that is coming down the line.
    Car is fantastic as a daily driver, docile when you need it and a beast when you let it rip. The all wheel drive makes it pretty forgiving and allows you to not suffer when you make a mistake. The brakes are pretty much without equal(I have heard the pads are a little bit pricey). Suspension is automatically adjusting and the Murci will end up with that in 2005. The seats are accomodating and offer good everyday comfort but hold you adaquetly when you are taking the twisties hard. The car even performs optimally on the track with no adjustments from stock.
    All in all, a refreshing car. I have several hours and miles behind the wheel of one including the lauch of the car in Italy. It is fantastic, powerful, and fluid behind the wheel. Many people here will agree with me and some will not, it all comes down too personal preference. Make sure that you drive one, that will make your mind up for you. I know for a fact that most Lambo dealers, such as myself, are more accomodating than most exotic dealers and would love to take you out and show you the car. The guys on this forum will be able to assist you with most of your questions as for preference, I can help you with any others that you may have including where to go to get one based on where you live.

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  8. Chris,

    Any sign of a RWD Gallardo on the horizon?
  9. I hope so! Could you imagine? I think Lambo has some stuff coming out that will blow people away, just don't know yet. I would not be surprised if Lambo ended up with a underpowered version of the Veyron motor, but who knows. I don't know if they will go away from the V12 though, that is part of the heritage just like the scissor doors. I don't think the SUV will become reality with the Pikes Peak coming out from Audi, I hope they don't go the route that Porsche did although I like the Cayenne.

  10. Hey guys! Thanks for the great information. I really appreciate all your help. The Gallardo sounds GREAT! I have a few more questions: hehe

    -If I were to get a 2005, would it hold its value if I sold it in 2008 or later?

    -I think I am going to lease it, so then I can have cheaper monthly payments, and then just buy it in the end, and sell it so I can make my money back. What would leasing a car like this be? What would financing be? (a month) What are your personal experiences(sorry if its too personal, but I am really trying to figure everything out as close as possible, to know what to expect)

    -How many miles are on a typical Lambo when people re-sell them privately?

    Thanks again everyone. I appreciate it.

    BTW-I am from Wayne NJ. 07470
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  12. Three years depreciation equals 26-30%, no matter how you slice it. So a 180k car in 2005 should be around 125-132k in 2008.
  13. I need some more adults opinions:

    I am 18 years old, and going to Princeton majoring in Piano Performance. I still live at home, and commute to school.

    I have a piano studio of 20 kids that I teach at 50$ an hour. Each kid comes once a week.

    Do you think it would be smart to buy the lamborghini? I live home, with no expenses. I have always dreamed of the lambo, and now that I can get it, I was wondering if it would be smart, and think about it more than just act on it.

    I figure, when I want to move out and get a house, I'll sell the car, and use that money to buy the house. In the mean time, I'll be 18-19 with a lamborghini having the time of my life. Does this make sense to anyone, or should I just keep saving now? My parents fully support either decision I make.

    btw--I currently drive a 2004 M3


  14. Umm... I think your last response might be a thread killer.

    Since you asked for responses, I'll offer mine: A Gallardo, in your current financial position seems highly risky. I don't know what your career prospects or income potential might be, but maybe you should consider something more in line with your current income. $1000/week = $52K/year, before taxes (which I assume you pay, and your students never get sick or dump the class). After taxes, assuming some creative accounting you might clear $45K a year, right? Even though you live at home, you've got expenses: fuel, insurance, maintenance, and maybe even a night on the town. I don't know many people in that position driving cars worth 4x their annual income.

    Reset your sights, enjoy the M3 -- maybe even find a 3x8 to enjoy. Then again, if you put that 45K into a house you'll have an appreciating asset instead of a depreciating toy.

  15. Insurance would be under my Father's business. The piano teaching job would be strictly to pay for the car..and I will have another job on the weekends to put in the bank. The studio is 20 and growing, and if a piano career doesnt work out, I have my real estate license, or can take over my father's the future isnt a concern. I have no problem what-so-ever paying for the m3...1000 a month..the Lambo would be a lease, and i'm expecting 2500 a month..making 4000 a month just giving lessons and not even including the weekend job, would be able to cover it fine, it smart? It would only be a toy, and something for the weekends..i have my M3, and a 04 F350 super-duty for winter.

    All opinions welcome.

  16. Don't be crazy!!

    You would barely be getting by. What if something happens to you and you cannot work? Will your family pay for your car? I know it seems like you could make it work and afford this car but think about the what-ifs. In my opinion, you should not buy a $150-200K car unless you can write a check for the entire car on the spot. (whether or not you pay the car off on the spot is a different story) I had an expensive car when I turned 20. After paying my car payment and Insurance, I had very little money to do anything else. It sucked. I got rid of the car and got something more appropriate for my age and income. Don't do something foolish that could destroy your credit. Good Luck:)
  17. There's an old saying that goes something like this.

    If you have to ask the price of something, you probably can't afford it.

    In essence, if a person must justify a purchase, and crunch numbers to find out if they can afford said product, it probably means you shouldn't buy it. Just my two cents.

    Just rememeber, that money could be working for you as an investment. Heck, if I had that kind of dough at your age, and invested it, I could buy 3 Gallardos right now. Be smart, invest your hard earned dollar.
  18. To paraphrase writer Rowin Atkinson in an article for Octane magazine:

    With cars like the BMW M3 and Porsche Carrera available, there is no reason to spend over $100k for any car.

    I will say this. I have a 360 Spyder, 996 Carrera, and E46 M3. Based on fun and usability, I would take the M3 over any other car period. It's as near to per fect as can be. And when those service bills come rollin' will run with your tail between your legs.

    The newness wears off. Make a decision like this when you got the jack to do it and not effect your lifestyle or financial position long term to greatly.

  19. I agree with AMG girl..... you should not buy a "toy car" unless you can write a check for it!

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