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Thinking about buying a Countach

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by jjstecher, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. Hey all you lambo fans, I just have had the option to possible pick up a 1986 Countach next summer and wanted to know from all you owners out there what to look for. First off I am worried about my size, being 6'3" 245lbs and all I have been in the Diablo before and it was a tight fit so I am not to sure what it would be like in the Countach. You guys think I would fit? Secondly what kind of items shold I look for on the mechanical side of things? Lastly what do you guys think a fair price for this car would be given it has 19000 miles on it and it is really good condition on the outside?

    If this doesnt work out or the car is to small since I want a 12 cylinder I think I will be back to mode of saving for a 512TR.

    Thanks Guys!
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  3. the countach is apparently a MUCH tighter fit than the diablo. if you don't fit in a diablo comfortably, i think you might be SOL on a countach. definitely get some seat time.

    and then there's the countach's legendary visibility:

    "It's a bit like driving a washing machine, only the visibility is worse."
    - Top Gear

  4. I'm 6' & recently tried to sit in a Countach. You have 3 choices:
    1) Take out the seats & sit on the floor;
    2) Chop off your head, or;
    3) Forget it.
  5. I am not 6'. I fit in the car perfectly. It feels superb to me.
    Let's be fair about the car. It was designed in the early 1970's.
  6. Yep I was fearful that is what you all would be saying about being over 6 foot. I have been in one at a track day when I had my Ferrari there but she had racing seats in it and I fit mildly well. I just need to get some seat time in a machine with the regular seats. Thanks for the input so far guys! What about reliability and serviceability? I do the majority of my own work on the 348, so I am just wondering how much of a PIA in the Countach will be to work on.
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  8. I know the vision is a whole hell of a lot of fun...on the 10 laps I put in on one on the track it was point and pray. It was like flying an airplane, no vision backwards what so ever.
  9. Hey - The Countach is a great car! It was designed by Gandini, just like my Khamsin. I guess I have a bad neck to begin with...
  10. I fit in the Countach perfectly I am 6'1. Its a great car I HIGHLY recomended it! If you drive it once you will fall in love with it. A Countach is like a go-cart with 420 hp (usa version).
  11. My cousin is six foot and he drove the car without problems. Yes
    visibility is not a strong point. There are electronic devices that
    can help; if it is a major problem for you.
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  13. I am 6"3 and 180 pounds and fit rather well in the Countach. I should also mention that I have long legs. I actually fit better in the Countach than in my 308QV GTS when the top is on.

  14. Real interesting responses...seems a lot of taller people fit. I am planning on driving the car early in the next year and then maybe buying it depending on mechanical shape. I am debating between it and a 512TR with the second car being more of a strech if the damn stock market keeps chugging up though I should be there. Thanks for all the response guys. Feels like I need a 12 cylinder car in my life, just want to choose a good one.
  15. Oh, you want a good one? Then you need to get a Ferrari.
  16. A Countach! that would be an awesome car John. Good luck with the possible purchase. That would be a sight to see around MN. I don't think I have ever seen one here. I have seen 1 Diablo in downtown St Paul but that is it for the Lambo team for me. Take it easy
  17. you need to talk with william. he has both a countach and a 512tr. personally i think you are just too large for the countach. i have a 512tr and i am only 6' and 180 pounds, but there is still lots of room and great visibility. the ferrari is a drivers car, the countach is a designer's car - ie made by somebody who never intended to sit in it and drive agressively himself.
  18. Think of it this way. How many NBA and NFL athletes have and had cars like this? Alot of them. There was a place in Florida that did "Tall Man" conversions for Exotic cars. But...I saw that advertised MANY years ago,so,do not recall the name,or even if they are still in business. But,check to see if the Steering wheel can be adjusted. Seats-all the way back,down,and raked back. Any "Extra" room in the footwells to move the pedals down? In this day and age,it should be easy to have them moved a little bit. And a few cars,(Ford Taurus,for instance) have "Adjustable" Pedals. There must be a place that can do that. Don't be discouraged,yet,until you check into all of these options. The first couple times I tried out a 308 for size,I didn't really fit. (I am 6'2") But,then I adjusted the seat all the way down and back on one,and fit fine. Even with the top on. So,I bought one,and haven't had any problems. But,I've never tried out a Countach. And,was considering adding either a Countach or a Testarossa to my "Stable" myself. ( I also want to add a 12 cylinder car.) So,keep us posted! But,Testarossa's are a real "Bargain" right now. And,they are Ferrari's !
  19. How can anyone possibly answer this question for you?
    Before you buy any car that you want to drive as opposed to stick in your living room or flat bed to your destination YOU have to drive it. On the highway. In bumper to bumper. At night.
  20. LOL...! Speaking from experience, are we...?
  21. Be careful to listen to naysayers only if they have real experience in the machine !! I have driven my Countach accross the country, thrown it around two fun tracks ( Brainerd in MN and Laguna Seca), and run it hard and long at open road rallies. The more aggressive you get with this engine and chassis, the better it responds, and after enough seat time the car is the most connected driver's car I have enjoyed in it's weight / power category (Lotuses rule !!).

    With respect to fitting in the car - only way to know again is to spend a little time in one. I have found out there's a lot of room given away due to how the seats are mounted - this can be remedied for taller folks if you're cool with sacrificing adjustability.

    Working on the car - very straightforward car (except US FI version), fragile bodywork biggest pain in the butt, followed by lack of manuals. But, doable if you have patience and a friend with a lift.

    If you doubt the chassis's pedigree, read Derek Bell's comments a couple years ago in Thoroughbred and Classic Cars (and remember that it was designed by Mr. Gianpaolo Dallara - of current Dallara racing chassis). Also - check with Jon Natole at GT Cars in your neck of the woods - he's been inside several Countach's.

    TR much better at ergonomics no doubt, better visibility and such. Countach is seen by too many as only good for being looked at, and that truly misses the entire point of the car.

    TR's are way cool cars too - you're looking at blondes vs brunettes - you'll have a hell of a ride either way.

    I have a Countach and my good buddy has a TR - feel free to pm me if you want to chat specifics.
  22. I own an 86 COuntach 5000QV & a 93 512TR. The Countach is a bit wider than the 512 cus of the wide door sills, a little less headroom, & much worse visibility. I would highly advise you to keep saving for a 512TR as it is much more car. Unless of course you have a wide masochistic streak :) AS with any car make sure you get a PPI Especially w th eLambo as parts for that are Very expensive
  23. I disagree with WilliamH, parts are no more expensive than the 512TR. Both the 512 and the Countach have their good and bads. 2 totally different machines.
  24. If you plan on driving the Countach at night in traffic you'll have to take your cell phone, the # of a towing Co, your AAA card, Credit card, maybe a friend following you for a ride home, a flashlight, toolset, workmat, & a battery charger would also be good to have.

    In the 512TR just get in & drive wherever you want no matter how far away, & you can leave all the stuff at home :)
  25. LOL! I drove from Kansas to South Florida through the night, and pretty much do all my driving at night. Never a problem. Only may be a problem for people who get their cars serviced by Al Burtoni.
  26. Alan, is AL Burtoni really that bad? He always seems to appear in Sports Car Magazine giving advice. Although he was one of those people who kept saying that 355's need to have their Valve Guides update to a tune of $12k. My Service Manager at FOC told me that is a load of crap.
  27. Al Burtoni makes a fortune off peoples misinformation.

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