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Think This Is True?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Napolis, Jan 11, 2005.

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  2. 700bhp Murcielago Confirmed

    Following our news story in issue 73 outlining Lamborghini's plans for a new road-racer to back-up its Le Mans plans, more details of this exciting project have leaked out of Sant 'Agata.

    It has been confirmed that the road version will produce a staggering 700bhp from its 6.5-litre V12, and with four-wheel drive being replaced by a rear-drive configuration, it has all the makings of the wildest Lambo ever.

    The stripped-out road-racer will be known as the Murciélago GT-R and just 25 will be built. The new engine will then be fitted in a revised Murciélago for model year 2006.
    Lamborghini is also planning to launch a more powerful Gallardo as a retort to Ferrari's 483bhp F430. The new car will boast a power output of 600bhp from its revised V10 and will come to the market a few months after this summer's launch of the Gallardo Roadster.

    Audi is determined to continue the Lamborghini legend as Italy's wildest supercar manufacturer and will endeavour to make sure its cars are always one step ahead of arch rivals Ferrari in terms of power output and styling. Long may it continue.
  3. More power to them if it is..........700 HP to be exact.......mmmmm goood.
  4. What i would like to know is if the spider will be available with the 600bhp engine and if it will be 2 or 4 wheel drive
  5. I wonder how much weight would be lost going to RWD from AWD...
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  7. This is getting nuts. When is this power war going to stop. 700hp? what the heck for? It's cool to say..but were the heck you gonna use that kind of power and torque..useless on a tight track..maybe Lambo wants to go Topfuel?
  8. All that real estate in Canada and no straight roads? What a pity. ;)

    If you like the 550, then you know how much fun it is to point and shoot in 3rd gear when your at a decent clip? Now imagine that with 30% more power... hahaha!
  9. That is good news. It is unfortunate that they probably did not take much weight from the car. The car really needs to get below 4K pounds. How about 3,600 pounds ? It is a start.

    It is a good sign, that this is the first 2wd since the 99SV.

    On another note. Don't all run down and put your deposit down with your local L dealer. More than likely the U.S., will never get any of those 25 cars. Oh yes we will get one a year or two later with the wing etc.... It will be watered down with less power, more weight, and more creature comforts. Who buys these cars ? Ever go on a local fun run ? Most folks are content to meet you for the breakfast afterwards. Do they really want the headache of the hardcore "uncomfortable" car ? Let's put F-1 auto transmissions in all of them. Who wants to shift ? What a pain.

    The hot cars are reserved for outside the U.S. - This problem is not limited to Lamborghini. It is the same with Porsche, and Ferrari. - No Club Sport, RS, Some GT-3's, and GT 3 seats etc for the Porsche. For the Ferrari - most already know the issues of a more supple ride, etc..... There are certainly other items left out of the U.S., C.S.

    Lamborghini - Officially no Diablo GT in the U.S. Power steering on every U.S. Diablo. No JOTA version available on the SE 30. Alcantra interiors are not available in the USA. The list of missing items etc...., is not limited to what I mentioned.

    Just get out the fire hose, and cool off the American cars.
  10. So let me guess, you replaced the V8 for a Yugo inline 3 cylinder in that Ferrari 308 you drive?
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  12. Two Lambo dealers told me yesterday that there is nothing official at all about a H.P. increase for the Gallardo in the near future, they said that it is all rumors. I told them about the article but they know nothing about the facts. I sure want to know before I buy one to then find out about the H.P. increase in a year or so, I would suck to take a hit.
  13. If a new higher-HP Gallardo is coming out in the fall of 2005, does this mean I can get an first-edition $185K '04 Gallardo in early '06 for $100K?

    Sweeet! The depreciation hit on the first-edition G's is about to be exacerbated - :D

  14. The dealers want you to buy their stock and not wait so they will play dumb...I have heard dealers taking up to $30k off $190k msrp G cars, did it really go that bad that quick?

    Last I was told was $185k out the door with a clear 3 m bra for a $190k G....
  15. And you think the dealer is going to let you in on info that will kill the current price of a car they have on the lot?
  16. Why yes I did!! Needed more power! :)
  17. Looking like even more fun can be had with a Lamborghini in the future. More and more power. I wonder when this power race is going to stop but I am definitely not complaining.
  18. Lambo should rework the Gallardo: shed some weight, revise the gearing, dump the Audi parts bin, and make it RWD. They don't even have to tweak the horsepower. Some of us disenchanted with the 430 will come a-hootin' and a-hollerin'. :)
  19. Email sent. Will find out shortly. Stay tuned...
  20. Even if lamborghini adds Horsepower it still doesnt matter because the Ferraris are designed with lightweight matrials so its still going to out accel and out handle a lambo.

    This new Murcielago is going to be awsome but im still going to wait and see if both the new Murce and Gallardo will out perform the Enzo and F430. Because the F40 can out perform a standuad Diablo VT and possibly the 6.0. If Lamborghini plays there cards right they will be on top once again.
  21. Why are lamborghini going from all wheel drive back to rwd?? Awd is the best handling setup there is. I understand rwd will be lighter but heck why won't they just use Carbon fiber composites like other manafactuers??
  22. True
    The 700hp GTR motor will be standard in MY 06.
    The Gal will go up to around 600.

    Development was in cooberation with Audi race engineering.

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