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They want proof of my ownership

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 13, 2004.

  1. Someone posted here today, a Lambo site.

    So I visited the site, and I see pictures someone posted of my 6.0 Nitrous set-up. And of course they are all talking nonsense. So I register, post pics of some of my cars, and now they want me to take a group shot, or show the keys on the dashboard, or take a pic with me in the picture, so they can verify my ownership.LMAO. Anyone else had this stuff happen? With any site? Just curious.

    I posted pics of the 6.0, Countach, SRT-10, rt-10, all in the same driveway or garage. Unreal.
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  3. They want to see if your photo matches the ones on the post office wall???
  4. Don't recall Lambo stories right off the bat, but there's been a few doozies on the Ferrari side. One guy demanded current newspaper be held next to serial numbers, then he claimed he had certain cars. Turned out he was unable to ever provide newspaper of his own. Oh, it was ugly.
  5. wow..sometimes it amazes me on how ignorant some people are! I responded to the thread @ J-world, you shoulden't have to play there games in order to be accepted there.

  6. I saw your post Lucus. Very nice.
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  8. I know exactly what you're talking about. I once had a guy that went by the name of "stunnaman" write me an email and say something to the effect of:

    "you ****ot...dat car's not yo's man. Quit stealin otha ppls pics"

    He went on talking in that "ebonics" garbage requesting pictures of an upside down cup on the spoiler. I went a little further to prove the car was really mine. I got a piece of standard computer paper and took a black, sharpie pen and wrote the words "Fu*k You Stunnaman" on the paper in large letters. I put the paper on my windshield and sent him of a copy of the photo.

    He still didn't believe me so I just said to hell with him and didn't even bother trying to prove myself anymore. If we constantly tried to prove ourselves to everyone, we wouldn't have any free time to ourselves.

    Thanks for reading!
  9. Yes, I have... usually because kids bs on the sites and place a lot of bogus picts of cars they don't own. I'm not an authority on this. I was searching for S600's on yahoo and came across some of these "post your car" sites. A lot of kids playing games. Not worth your time....
  10. "If we constantly tried to prove ourselves to everyone, we wouldn't have any free time to ourselves. "

    True enough Zach.
  11. fact

    There should not be any need to prove myself to others...if they have problems, that's not my issue.
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  13. 6.0 SE, I too doubt that you own these vehicles.

    In order for you to prove that you own them, you must post pictures of all your vehicles with Selma Hayek naked in them.

    If you can't do that, I'd settle for the naked pics of Selma.
  14. LOL. I will see what I can do.
  15. Hello
    Of Course we don't doubt you but for the sake of this thread we need more pics of your Countach(es)
    Countach "the car which coined the phrase exotic car"
    I've seen your yellow one only.
    P.S. your daily driver Snake is invited in the pics too.
    Thanks Lamboman.
  16. Hey Martin. The white 88.5 is already on the way elsewhere. I bought that car new, and it has been put up properly for alot of years. My pics consist of the poloroid and kodak type. I'll see if I can find something. I took some pics as it was loaded. I'll get them in time. Sorry.
  17. Put a bumper sticker on your car and take a few pics :D
  18. LMAO!! Nice
  19. Demanding proof of ownership is a very common thing on almost all messageboards, except Ferrarichat. I know that on they demanded proof from one person for saying he had a wrx, not an STI, just a wrx. has demanded proof from people talking about their 10 second mustang, 13 second civic or even something like a 3rd gen RX7.

    Too show up talking about your Lamborghini and Dodge Viper, most places will flame you first, ask for proof second, and then half be in awe, half still calling you a poser.
  20. 6.0: where is the thread exactly? I am a member there too (so is norman) and they made us go throgh some hoopla. But, they don't mean ill.

    I will post in said thread...

  21. found and posted. and just so you know, I missed going to the gym for this! :D

  22. i remember there was a thread about 20 pages long on when everyone was flaming on some kid cause they didnt beleive he had a lambo

    so the kid gave them every possible proof of ownership including him sittin in the roadster givin the finger saying fcuck u... it was great

    ps: i believe u used to be on that board too; and between me, u and a couple of other people, we were the only ones who didnt really care whether or not he was lying.
  23. its like an f-chat invasion over there
  24. LOL
    I have faith in most people and as long as they sound somewhat inteligent, i have no problem trusting them 99.9%.....
    When the kids on CarDomain post pic of their 'rides' (All of which happen to be in different locations, climates, with different quality pics, etc.), you know its bull****. When they post 1 or 2 pics of one car in the same location and go on with that "yo this be my ride i've got 22" rims and a 500 shot of NOS waiting to be installed", i think that too is fairly obious that they just found someone elses pics and are screwing with other idiots.
    Those are the only real cases when I dont completly believe the people.....

    Also, about jabbasworld....Signed up there a while back, thought it would be a fun place to hang out, but honestly the people there were unfriendly and seemed to have everything against all newbies! I got out of there in a hurry!
    I mean, theres a whole forum titled "How to download vids" or something like that, and whenever people ask how to dll vids, they get 4 dozen long time members all pissed off "Read other posts, search, etc.".....
    They dont seem to realize that a) if they would just tell you what you need to do to dll the vids in the first place, there wouldnt be as much of a hassal, and b) if you look at other threads in the forum, theyre all the same....same with search.....
  25. WRONG, it has happened on f-chat.
  26. It has happened on F-chat big time. And the supposed owner faded away. Bull **** is called here once in a while but usually for a better reason than some guys posting some pictures of his cars in his driveway. It takes a little more before the F-chat detectives get to work. But once they are going they are impossible to stop.
  27. Note that I said common. I have read, and throughly enjoyed, the threads were bull****ers here were called out and throughly owned. However this seems to happen only to people after a bit and when they've displayed themselves as absolute idiots, or are claiming to have some very very rare and expensive car.

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