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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by msdesignltd, Mar 15, 2005.

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  3. What about a Boxer ? LOL. I think someone got a little too exited watching MIB.
  4. The chromed wheels ruined the Aero !
  5. Whoa! It's got rear wheel steering!
  6. I think the Saleen S7 was the only car scientifically proven to create that much downforce, and I think the mph was 160. But never physically proven.

    But flipping a Murcie is an impressive feat. Maybe not for the insurance agency though.
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  8. Oh come on, nothing any little brother worth his salt isn't up to.
  9. Chromed rims?
  10. I read the same thing too. The Saleen is the most aerodynamic car produced, and can drive upside down at 160 mph.
  11. Let's translate to "create its own weight in downforce at 160mph". And downforce isn't the only issue considered as aerodynamics go ...
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  14. WHAT! 160mph!! an F1 car in order to be driven upside down has to reach a speed of 201mph. and an f1 is much lighter than an S7.

    Oh and I personally derived and solved the equation for the f1 car.

    car weighing 600kg, gravity being 9.8., static friction coeff 0.75, speed on verge of sliding 28.6 m/s, R=100m for the curve.

    Gravity pulls at 5880N, car makes a negative lift of 6600N

    maybe its true for the S7(highly doubt it) I'd like to see steve saleen trying it


  15. Is that warranty then?
  16. maybe a spoiler would have helped!
  17. According to the IMAX Super Speedway movie, a (then) CART car could drive inverted at 100 mph.

  18. Interesting....

    now are we adding or subtracting the montoya coefficient?
  19. i never drive upside down, gives me a headache. ;)
  20. You gotta have great cup holders too !
  21. Your right darth550
  22. What do you guys mean by "drive upside down"? A car actually on it's roof? Huh?

  23. No , lol. Imagine both the car and the road upside down . Most car would fall on the ground due to gravity . But apparently some of the supercars produce enough downforce at certain high speed that they would stick to the upside down road.
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