The REAL PIMP of Fchat--his car with pics-- 98 SV | LamborghiniChat

The REAL PIMP of Fchat--his car with pics-- 98 SV

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by ralfabco, Apr 1, 2005.

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  2. Forgive the ignorance, but isn't that Allan's?
  3. I came to this board a lot later, but from what i read about him, he has the same one, same color combo...

    Afer reading the title Modified Exotics... and since Allan's was, i'm betting it is his
  4. Any way we could get a hi-res scan of the article, I'd love to read it! What magazine is that from, btw?
  5. That is Allan's ride.
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  7. I second this comment!
  8. The magazine is Modified Luxury and Exotics.
  9. I see the at the time of the photoshoot the "Lamborghini" was still attached the dash.
  10. yup thats allans car, fun stuff
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  12. THats the only thing that looks outta place.

    Thanks Ralph, great article. See if you can get us a copy to read.

    Tell Allan, we said great job from F chat. Nice car, good guy, we miss him.


  13. Hey Ralph, are those air-intake scoops on the SV standard? Can you rip those stickers off? A bit garish IMO.

  14. Nick

    The air scoops on the SV are standard. I actually like the stickers. I do not know; if you can take them off without ruining the paint ? 9/10 SV cars do not have the stickers.

  15. Ryan

    Almost EVERYONE misses Allan. LUV him or hate him, he knows his stuff. He is also the cure to boredom.

    He NEEDS to come back with honors !!!!
  16. Ryan

    Can you change the thread name ?

    Allan's 98 SV ? Be creative !
  17. I can see the article is even talking about his lambo chat site.

  18. ......Looks like Jerry might be the next guy, to trade in his Cavallino Rampante keychain for the Light Sabre.

  19. Si senor.

  20. I could be wrong, but I think Jerry is a true F car guy at heart. He will probalby buy a blue f50 before he buys a L car. Right Jerry ;)

    Unlike me and you Ralph, he is loyal (in more ways than one ;) :D :eek: )

    *gix chicks fo life* :D

  21. Thanks Ryan. Now I am going to have to fly to Hawaii. Someone will want answers. I feel like the Lebanese PM, who is about to fly to Damascus (before Bashar was the leader) (Hafez was ruthless and cunning). If I get kicked out of L.P., it will be "your" fault.

  22. Ryan

    Perhaps that is true today ? Just wait until he walks out of the Star Warz movie in a few weeks.
  23. Unfortunately not true. If this was the case he would/should be back. I agree, love him or hate him, Ellen was fun.
  24. That's bull ****!

    The majority couldn't stand him and the majority of those that could stand him, didn't like him. He was great entertainment for those in the know, but it took too much effort getting those new to the community in the know and not falling for his traps. I've heard in person he is a great guy, but if he did act in person like he does on the internet, then he would be a jerk looking through iron bars.

    4 times as many users now as when Ellen and Mako went away, but flame complaints have gone down inversely. WIN-WIN, Ellen now has his own playground that will be the first internet community he didn't get banned from. :)
  25. I hate to drag this thread (slightly) off topic, but am I the only person who feels completely and utterly ripped off for buying two issues of this garbage magazine? They frequently misquote car statistics, use low quality photography, low quality writing, and the editor (through his monthly letters) appears to be a complete sham.

    All this while trying extremely hard to exude the "luxury" image that comes with most of these cars.
  26. He hasn't been banned from or
  27. I forgot, either he had a Viper or was getting one. He was always starting trouble against anything not Lamborghini or Viper. I was surprised he got banned from a Lamborghini site since he definitely isn't anti-Lamborghini.

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