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The Lamborghini Cala

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Skyler, Dec 29, 2004.

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  3. a great car no doubt, but unless it had something special going for it, i don't see it being chosen over a murcie, gallardo or diablo. also, it has a slight kit-car look to it, in a similar way to the countach. personally though, i've got a preference for more straight-lined wedginess.
  4. The Cala, meant as a replacement for the Jalpa, was froaen when the Malaysian(?) owners ran out of money and was definitely buried after Audi took control over Lamborghini.

    The specs look similar to those of the Gallardo.

  5. In the first playstation platform one of the early "need for speed" game had a video of the car and it looked great.
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  7. Once, several years ago, they brought it to the LA Auto Show. It did look pretty cool in person, can't remember exactly how it made me feel. Not sure about anything else regarding it.
  8. the need for speed 2 video is at the link below:

    go there then click on movies and its the one called Video de Cala vs. XJ220, realizado por Elctronic Arts

  9. I like it a lot. They should release it to compete against the Maserati coupe & spider. It looks amazing.
  10. JL -
    thanx for video link !!

    I like it MUCH better than Gallardo -
    and I also like the car that was SUPPOSSED to replace the Diablo(with the 'jet engine pods') better than the Murci -
    of course, tone the pods down some -
    Audi should have left the visual aspects in the hands of the Italians, and done their German mechanicals 'under the skin' -

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  12. I like it better than the G.
  13. The Gallardo was a design of Giuraro and Luc(he is from Peru) the designer of the Murcielago sort of touched it up to date.
  14. Luc Donckerwolke is Belgian.
  15. agreed
  16. So, instead, the Gallardo ended up taking its place in every way, second to the main Lamborghini product, price depreciation, etc. ;)

    There's not much originality with the Gallardo. Its as though they took the Merci and made a baby Merci.

    The Cala is its own animal. I like the design as well. The interior could have gone back to the drawing board, but the design has sparked my interest. If there was a way to replicate one with a genuine Lambo powerplant, I'd do it!

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