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"The drawing of an early Countach LP400"....pics

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Bugattiart, Nov 11, 2004.

  1. Hi all, :)

    Thought that I would share with you my construction of a drawing of an early Countach LP400!
    The project has been going on for about three days now, and I will upload new pics as the work slowly progresses!!!

    Kind regards

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  3. Looks great!!!! But could you possibly make the rear tires a bit wider? I think it would look better with wider tires. Just my .02.
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  5. nice drawing! i can fix airplanes, work on cars, play guitar. but man i wish i could sketch and draw!!! nice work! :)
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  7. Hi Zach, :)
    Thanks, but this particular car (based in the UK) and other early Countach's has not got wider rear tyres than shown here, you can perhaps get an idea from the photo posted by "Chiaro_Slag"
    The drawing is a long way from being finished, since it is done exclusively with a drawingpen only one tenth of a millimeter in thicknes, so there is a lot of lines still to be drawn!!! :)


  8. Thanks Jerry :)
    This car looks very similar to the one I'm actually drawing! Nice picture....I really like those early Countach models with their totally unspoiled lines and the narrow wheels! The car I'm drawing is in fact also red, although it's a little brighter in color than the one in your pic!
    I really also like the Chiaro blue Testa of your's :)


  9. Thanks man, ;) ....Well I can't fix helicopters and nor play a straight tone on a guitar, so guess we cant have it all, now can we? In fact I never learned how to draw! It was there from a very young age and inherited from my grand dad, who was already dead and gone when I got born so Guess I was just lucky to get those genes!..... But damn I wish I could play guitar :):):)


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  11. That thing looks amazing, looks soo realistic. i really need to learn how to draw :)
  12. Thanks for your compliment, but it's not looking realistic yet....just wait and follow this thread....it will get way more realistic than seen here now..... If I succeed that is! :)
  13. Today only little progress was made on the Countach, but as you may see the added shaddows are slowly putting more shapes in the drawing!!! :)
  14. Very nice work.
  15. wow, that is a very nice piece of art. I envy your talent!
  16. Thanks guys, I really appreciate all your compliments on my work :):):)
    And well, I could not resist doing a little more on the Countach this evening, I really like to have it finished soon, and added in my soon to come new Lamborghini Gallery at my site!
    Here the latest progress, and below another Lamborghini I did some months ago, namely the Miura SV-J #4870
  17. Wow that is some very lovely and intercate art! I love to draw myself as a hobby too (I sketch landscapes) but I find drawing cars and other objects with precise mechanical dimentions very very difficult to do! Sir, you have great talent there and I can't wait to see your line of Lambo art in the future!

    Looking at the art closely, it seems very detailed! How long did it take you to finish one portrait?
  18. Hi Cabbie, and thanks a lot for your compliments, but you don't need to "Sir" me :) I'm only human!!!
    My drawings takes a long time to finish as they are done only with a 0.1 mm drawingpen on A3 size paper! The Miura took about 30-35 hours to complete, while some of my other works have been made over about 70-80 hours!!! All depends on the photos I have to look at when I'm doing a drawing, and of course if the car is put in some kind of environment! Also the amount of details is indeed very time demanding ! So the time varies a lot from drawing to drawing :) The Countach will demand something like 35 hours in total when completed.....if I succeed of course....ink is not very forgiving and it's impossible to correct any faults or errors!!! Patience is the key word :):)

    Best regards

  19. Step five of the now very fast evolving Countach drawing!
    Below a close up shot of the side of the car to show some details, and if you look closely you will be able to see how many tiny lines the drawing is made out of!!! Note also the details of the rear lights.......damn those lights took a lot of drawing to look like this!!!
  20. Step six and now very few details needs to be done before the drawing is finished.....like the License plate and my signature :)
  21. Awesome work. Great job on the proportions. Thats the biggest problem I have with drawing anything other than a side profile of cars. I can never get the proportions quite right.

    How large is the picture that you are drawing?
  22. Thank you Eos, :)
    All my drawings are made on A3 size drawingpaper (297x420 mm)
    Believe me, I had the same problems with getting proportions right when I started drawing cars many years ago! I also started with doing profile drawings of the cars :):)


  23. This is what the finished drawing of the Lamborghini Countach LP400 looks like.....exept from the disturbing flash of course!!! :)

    Best regards

  24. Excellent work mate.
  25. Hi Steve, :)
    Thanks for your compliment mate :)
  26. I see its finally finished! What an very detailed and fantastic Job! Looking forward to your other renditions of Lambos!

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