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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PatrickShim, Nov 26, 2004.


The BEST Daily-driver?

  1. Lamborghini Gallardo

  2. Lamborghini Diablo

  3. Lamborghini Murcielago

  4. Ferrari 360

  5. Ferrari 456/456M

  6. Ferrari 550/575

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  1. What's the BEST everyday exotic that offers, the best

    - reliability
    - handling
    - road performance
    - comfortability
    - cost of operation
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  3. i think the G is, but just because of the larger "feel" of the car i picked the 360. Reliability is an issue there though.

    why not put a corvette on the list and make it easy for everyone. I dont think i makes much sense to have one of those as your only car/ everyday car
  4. Gallardo off this list, Porsche TT or GT3 all around:)
  5. oooh agree with the porsche tt

  6. Would you consider any 996 exotic?
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  8. I'm really interested in Gallardo as a daily driver... and the #1 thing I'm taking into consideration is the "reliability".

    Anyone had some problems with Gallardos? Any major problems?
  9. I voted for the 550, but then I'm biased, the gallardo is a great choice too. The 996TT is a great car, but not exotic.
  10. at this point in time i'd deal with the chore of having to make ANY of those vehicles get me about on a daily basis.

    frankly - as a not-yet-owner - if i'm at the point where i have to ask the question "just how practical is my passion", then it's time to move on to another passion.
  11. I voted for the 456, but then again, its grandfather is reliable enough to be driven every day...
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  13. Nope, thought of that as soon as I clicked reply;)

    The Gallardo is an awesome car!! The only problems I have heard of is clutch issues on the 6 spd,only heard a few accts of this happening.
  14. Everyday only with my Diablo and 360 to compare, the 360 takes less attenton to drive whereas the Diablo takes more. The more effort you give the more excitement you receive.
  15. Without question.
  16. The TT's are faster and handle better then Modena's. Yes.
  17. What do you guys think about the E-Gear on Gallardo? Anyone own one?

    It's going to be a daily-driver, and I'm on the phone constantly, and get stuck in the traffic constantly, so I'm thinking about E-gear so that I can use "Auto" mode when I need to.

    Also, any know if any companies are making after market "bigger" levers for Lambo E-gears? I drove a Gallardo with E-gear once, and it seemed better than Ferraris', but the paddles felt really funny (they were REALLY tiny).

    This is what I'm thinking about. I know it's not the setup most people would want, but I'm shooting for daily-driverbility.

    - Silver/Black (all leather, no alcantara)
    - E-Gear
    - Sat-Nav (I know... they suck, but I need one)

    Also, I've heard '06 Gallardos will have 600hp. Can someone confirm that?
  18. Come on guys, nothing made in Italy makes a good every day car..exotic or otherwise. An NSX is the only "exotic" that one could use as an every day driver on a reliable basis.
  19. I think the fact that the NSX is now a 20K car takes it out of the exotic status. The 996tt will last just as long and was 125-130K new. You can now buy nice 2001's in the low 70's and I've seen a few in the high 60's.

    When the 997tt is released and the 996tt hits rock bottom, I'm buying one for my wife to haul the lad around. Our pediatrician has one and says it goes like mad in the snow with all season tires on it.

    If the GT2 continues to drop like it has there is no comparison to the performance and reliability of a car that will probably see sub 90K in a year. Imagine driving to work in that thing every day. Shoot, I'd loose sleep at night in anticipation of my morning commute.
  20. I don't think price has anything to do with being "exotic". If so, a 308 is no longer an exotic and neither are a lot of older Maseratis, Lotus as well as several of the older Lamborghini models and most older 2+2 Ferraris.
  21. You have to admit a 456 or 550 will be much more discrete than any mid-engine car mantione here. For a daily driver, the low-key may be a good point.
  22. I've got an e-gear and the paddles are fine. I tried an M3 with SMG the other day for the first time, and found their paddles small and not well placed - but I'm sure owners will tell you they are perfect! The G's paddles don't move with the wheel and this is how I like them. Auto mode is OK, but I would get a car kit for the phone so you can use the paddles too. It isn't really a one-handed kind of car, e-gear or not.

    BTW, you say this isn't the set up most people would really want. In fact, e-gear easily outsells the manual. Sat-Nav would be cool too. I would want it in a daily driver.

    Re the rumoured more powerful 2006 model... Wait if you want, but none of us might be here in 2006. Go for it is my final advice!:)

  23. Great advice! Thank you!
  24. Patrick,
    The e-gear and the F1 are not really designed for traffic driving, even in auto mode (I don't know if Gallardo has auto-mode. I use the slippery-road mode in my Murcielago that automatically upshifts at 3250 rpm). As a daily driver, you are better off with a hydrolic auto tranny like the Porsche tiptronic with smooth, fluid shifts. The e-gear/F1 is fast and sometimes rough.
  25. Jay, I agree that a straight auto (like the tiptronic) is superior for town work, but I disagree that the e-gear isn't suitable for traffic. I can't speak for the Murci, but the e-gear in my Gallardo is very smooth in traffic, whether in manual or auto mode. I drive my G in traffic a lot ( not SoCal traffic, I admit) and I'm very pleased with its low speed behaviour. Of course, it takes more practice than a regular auto to get used to its quirks.

    Having said that, I still don't rate the Gallardo as highly as some other (more boring) cars as a daily driver due to low ground clearance, rear visibility, wide turning circle and general ease of driving. For a daily driver, I would take an SL55. For me, the G is too special to use each and every day - although I try to make an excuse to most days. :)
  26. Can you give me some tips for driving in stop and go traffic? It seems that the car jerks very often in bad traffic. Some times I dont want to take it out at all during rush hour!
  27. Isell: hate to ruin your sleep,...

    "If the GT2 continues to drop like it has there is no comparison to the performance and reliability of a car that will probably see sub 90K in a year. Imagine driving to work in that thing every day. Shoot, I'd loose sleep at night in anticipation of my morning commute."


    there is a GT2 at manhattan motorcars, black/black, 2003 low miles, allegedly "as new" for 99k dollars. Can't vouch for the dealer, the car or the price, but it may be worth looking at.

    BTW, i love driving mine to the city on my commute.
  28. Preposterous. I've owned both, there is no comparison, the Modena handles rings around the TT.


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