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The BEST Countach ?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by amenasce, Feb 1, 2005.


What is the Best Countach ?

  1. LP 400

  2. LP 400 S

  3. 5000 QV

  4. 25 TH

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  1. What is the best Countach ?

    LP 400 is the purer and has that Classic touch.
    LP 400 S looks much modern than the 400 but still remains pure.
    LP 5000 QV is the Countach everyone knows . With all the wings and the best engine .
    25 TH ...The latest but the design is too complicated and overcharged .
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  3. i know this is like the scene in The Holy Grail- but which QV- an injected one or a carb'd one? The latter would be my preference, but it's pretty rare in the States. Otherwise, an original periscope roof 400. Cleanest line.
  4. 1985 Countach US car 2 valve Fuel Injected they only made about 12 cars VERY RARE and if setup right VERY VERY Fast
  5. A 2 valve Fuel Injected car that was JUNK just sold at Barret Jackson for 75. These cars are very very rare and are foregotten as a rare car.
  6. QV stands for Quatrovalvolie(SP?) In other words 4 valves percylinder. Both carbed and injected cars had this. A carbed 4 valve Countach is the one to get IMHO..very fast and the sound is awsome!!
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  8. You got that right! That is my dream car. Maybe someday...

  9. LP400 series 1 lowbody with the factory magnesium wheels. Another rare bird, that is the most impractical of the bunch. The car is approximately 40.5" tall and has 1" "less" headroom. The car is the best handling car of the entire bunch. Now someone is going to say the other cars have more power. You are correct. But.... They are also heavier. I am pretty sure they built approximately 42 cars this way. The car is the most badass factory Countach of the entire series. The car looks like it is on the ground.

    .....searching searching searching. Alot of these went to Japan in the 80's.
  10. The one for me would be a quattrovalvole carburated, those are the fastest of the Countach line, yes very rare and command a price, Jay Leno is got one.
  11. Trying reeeeeaaal hard not to squeeze the trigger and buy a nice black QV with some left over 1031 monies. Of course, for me a nice pre '75 LP would not need to be smogged here in Calif so I could be tempted by one of those as well.
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  13. Original LP 400 Persicopa with Walter Wolf fenders and spoilers, 12x15 rear wheels and Wolf rear wing. If possible, a 5.0 litre engine upgrade. Sweet!
  14. Of course we have to get picky and include Euro and US models. I would go for a Euro spec Low body series 1 with the larger carbs or a QV Downdraft with a wing, and red tail light surrounds!

    But this whole question is similar to saying which child do you love more or which playmate is better.... there is no right answer and there is no wrong answer
  15. Ummm..... Where did you get that info? The 2 valve injected cars are the slowest of the bunch. It was a valiant attempt at smogging the engine for US import by Trefor Thomas and Jas Rarewala, and in the end they had the power almost back to the (2V) carbed cars if set up just right. Trefor recently wrote a long history of the whole episode. A 5000S 2-valve carb'd car will clearly outpull a 2v injected car.

    The QV injected cars can certainly be made to run hard, but the US engine suffers lower compression (9.0 / 1 vs 9.5 / 1) ex. manifolds instead of headers, much less radical cams, different ig. timing, a large throttle body injection setup, and a 2 pipe cat exhaust setup. Some of this can be changed and tweaked easily, some of it would be damn expensive.

    Not that I am biased (since I have one) but the QV downdraft carb'd cars are the most powerful, easiest to work on, and actually fairly rare. Many more US injected QV's were built than carb'd QV's, but the exact number is debated. They are very rare in the US, though there are probably about 35-40 of them here. The old urban legend of there only having been 12 that came in is completely false.

    Also - the euro cars tended not to have the sideskirts and of course didn't have the zip-code sized bumpers (though they're easily removable).


    In hydrocarbons we trust..........
  16. lucky you!

  17. Steve:

    It is time to land and cool your jets. Is'nt it time to upgrade ?
  18. you seem to have missed the best countach out of the vote!!!
    whats wrong with the Lp500s, that the car for me!! although the 5000 quattrovalvole is basically equal to it in my dream garage.
  19. Cannonball Run version, i think being the 5000 qv, Its the beast and by far the nicest looking of the lot. White or red for me thanks!!
  20. That car was a 2 valve car
  21. Cannonball run car.

    It is a black 1980 car !!

  22. Afriend of mine has an 85 carbed QV,I have an 86 Injected QV. I think he'd be interested in selling but the car is in Buenos Aires. Its dark blue over cream w wing
  23. Low-body 400S. I think the wings and spoilers just make the look and the early 400S's are just the meanest looking of them all. The later 5000S looks like a 4x4 in comparison. Practical, no. But definitely the one I want.

  24. I'm completely stumped. They are all equally awesome in their own way.
  25. Personally I think a wingless, bumperless, but with fender flares, carbed QV would be the best looking, and most fun to drive countach. I saw a white one when I was 13 and it sounded like an F1 car. Just a raw ass machine, that kicks azz and takes names.
  26. euro spec? or usa legal ? how mucho ? i can use either specs...
  27. i sold a car to zr last month....90' anniv with 1028 car out of a of the last cars to leave the line..guess what ????? 1990 carburated version factory ordered...euro spec for gulf country...not available anyhwere of the only carb 25th anniv..... he has the rarest most desired car lambo could offer in a countach ! red/tan red piping...1k ! new car...priced right too....
  28. A bit OT here:
    I saw ads of many QV and the 25th on several Japanese magazines and they are basically the same price, some QV even priced a bit over 25th. Is this normal? Or is it a Japan only occurence?

    Also a 95 Diablo SE30 Jota is priced exactly as a 99 Diablo SV. I thought factory Jotas are rare (??)

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