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The arrogance of F car dealers

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. After my conversation with the sales manager of
    A so Cal Ferrari dealer today I DON'T think you could sell me a
    Ferrari ever again brand new.This is the dealer that I cancelled
    my 360 CS with . I'm sure he sold it for more than MSRP I didn't care though.
    Then I had a deposit down for 2 1/2 friggin years on a Spider I should have been 2and or 3rd for the new one but in the last 6 weeks I moved up 7 places!! So they told me build it or go to spot #28 for a 6 speed spider.
    I said build it. Now I have a buyer for the incoming Spider at 10k over sticker so I tell the dealer "put him in my spot keep the 10000 but give me a reasonable spot for a 430 coupe you know maybe 1 year after the first ones.
    He said "Not going to happen...if you are lucky we will make you last on the list,we aren't taking deposits anymore"

    So my that's all my $10000 offer gets me? "yes and I'll have to check with the owner to see if he'll even do that!"

    Am I wrong or is this BAD BUSINESS or at best BS?

    Power freak that I am, I would buy a Lamborghini if it had 50 HP less than the 430 rather than be treated like this. I'll probably take the 360 Spider with a nothing down lease sell it using one of two methods make a small profit and the dealer just makes MSRP on the car... end of my LAST NEW FERRARI SAGA!
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  3. sounds like a jerk dealer.

    the thing is, we've ALL had these jerk ferrari guy experiences.

    the problem is that there's a butt for every ferrari seat. that's not the case in lambo land.

    when it becomes the case in lambo land (which all of us hope it will), i fear that the treatment will be similar.

    the volumes are just too damn small. the dealers have to coddle their serious, long-term customers. the guys they know they can rely on year in and year out to buy a new car. 'cuz when the going gets rough, you want those customers. you NEED those customers. 'cuz deep down in places you don't talk about at car meets...... (okay, i'll just stop there!).

    you're clearly not a repeat, long-term buyer. you're cancelling and/or flipping your allocations. you're not buying the cars. when the next economic downturn hits, you're not a customer anymore.

    that's in NO WAY an endorsement of crappy treatment. the vast majority of f-car sales guys could use a good pimp-slap twice a day, three times on monday.

    but there are more seats than butts in lambo-land. so there's minimal attitude. once there are more butts than seats, then we'll see whether lambo "gets it". i sure hope so, but i'm not holding my breath either (sadly).

  4. I know of several guys that had issues like this with the F-car dealers...Two of them nipped it by going to get their deposits back in their brand new Lambos:D:D
  5. Thinking about it so did I. At the end pf a Ferrari driving club event I was close to the dealership so I stopped in.It took them 2 weeks to cut the
    check though,
  6. Whoa...hold on guys...maybe they really don't have an allocation available to bump a guy down the road as they honor the "list" concept, or the guy was told simply by his not take any more orders. Imagine, I worked at a store where we had over 275 new ML320's on "back order" (yeah...I know...who woulda thought)....which was a three year list on that individual model, and people kept throwing money at us. What's the point I guess ?

    I've been personally offered $5K over list on a new ML320 back when (I sold the car at $5K over thru the store instead) $10K for their store on the newest F-car is a little low I think....heh....just kidding Wayne.

    I've seen it first hand on AMG cars, other plain-jane MB models, and certain why would it not happen here.........I've had to politely defer clients to something else, even multiple car buyers. I could have made an "extra" $50K a year on top of my regular comissions in 98-01 if we could get the cars I lost sales on at a franchised MB store.

    If the guy was rude in his tone of voice and said unprintable things then OK...but....I've been there/done that....that's all.
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