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The Apprentice Thursday

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by darkalley, Nov 23, 2004.

  1. Trust me you guys should tune in.
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  3. I haven't been following the show. Why should I watch this particular episode?
  4. Trust me. I know people, who know people, who live next to people in the know.
  5. I was planning on watching......... now I don't know :)
  6. Lambo related?!?
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  8. I've already said to much......................

  9. Thanks for your tip-off :)

    Very cool of Lambo to do a little product placement on a good show, on what should be a great night for the ratings.

    I see we share the same business (Executive Recruiter), nice to meet another friend that shares a common interest in exotics.
  10. Funny that the winning team got to wear nomex suits but none of them were photographed wearing helmets when driving the cars.

    And talk about a couple of catty women in the boardroom.....meow !!!.....and one neutered Harvard MBA.....heh.
  11. Now I really want one.
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  13. Just Harvard undergrad - an MBA would have had some balls there!
  14. I cannot claim that there was not envy in my eyes when the prize was announced. The nomex was more for TV wow than anything else. It was a bit of a shame that they did not show the contestants being driven around 'properly' by an experienced driver as that would have been fun to see.
  15. ryalex.....

    I agree.....but in MBA school do they teach you never to make strategic alliances with the other sex ? That was his big mistake......chicks will stick together to hang a guy out to dry whenever they can....and then fight it out amongst themselves.....
  16. As soon as they played tuba music when he slipped the designers $100 each and wouldn't let them eat the pizza, you knew Andy was a goner... he needed to learn that tipping someone automatically implies a status gap and servant/master relationship. For a 22 yr old snotnose to pay off experienced marketing personnel was so haughty, I thought I would puke!
  17. ryalex.... was extremely tacky.....and I resented the car salesman remark that one of the team made when he did it too....heh.

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