test drove the gallardo again-great car, i still want a murci!! | LamborghiniChat

test drove the gallardo again-great car, i still want a murci!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. had my second drive of the g car, 6speed of course... very tight, very well built,fast and pretty comfy.....the seats were a little firm but no big deal...very german feeling in its tightness....great car, buts it not a murci, which is so bad!!! the murci is a modern day diablo, just a monster...dollar for dollar the g car is the better buy, but with used m car prices getting near 200k the gap has narrowed...
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  3. Are you in the market now?

  4. "test drove the gallardo again-great car, i still want a murci!!" Same here but settled for a 2200 mile Diablo 6.0 instead. The Murcie however is on my radar, should I replace the 360 with it?
  5. Now your talkin' Dave. Yes you should!!!!!! Do a poll!!
  6. i would, but would it be too close a car to your 6.0..i dont know.... aj cou ld answer that....you would problably have to throw in a few bucks!!!
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  8. yes, kind of ....closer everyday.... however i am in the middle of a sticky divorce...if my wifes lawyer even finds out i am making these posts, i am in even deeper s.......but then again maybe things cant get worse and a new murci would put a smile on my face as i go down total ruin!!!! so i am looking with much fear

  9. hey man, we will keep quiet! I am still a youngin and i already know how women can get! good lucky! sorry! GET A LAMBO!

  10. I would take the Murcielago over the Gallardo anyday! The Murcie is the modern day Diablo, and the G car is just a baby still. If you want the true beast of the steed, pick the Murcie...you wont regret it!!!

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