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taking orders on the 06 gallardo spider

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by scycle2020, Mar 22, 2005.

  1. my lambo dealer told me today on my visit that i could order the new gallardo spider now...to be bought at list price...the car will have 520 hp, no other details are knowned yet...they have taken 3 orders so far...24k is required and the money is sent to the lambo factory for the order,according to my dealer...would anyone do this sight unseen...you would be one of the first to have the car, which would be a plus esp if it ends up being the next hot car with a.. long waiting list ...or will end up like the gallardo, with oversupply, saging demand and falling price???
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  3. It WONT be the next hot car. It will be a good car and fun to drive.
  4. I can't wait!
  5. I got on the "list" with my dealer about 3 weeks ago (during my 1500 mile tune up on the Gallardo).

    No money down for mine (I know the dealer pretty well) - nor would I put money down even if they asked. What they will do is at time that you place your specific options order (3 months or so before) - require either a down payment - or have the financing ready/signed/comitted for the car.

    Since it is still around ~1 year off on delivery - I would not put money down until you spec the car (IMO).

    Also - I belive they will sell for a little over MSRP. Even the Gallardo sold for ~30K over list for the first several months (Though that changed quickly). However this could dampen a bit since they made so many and the dealers have many in stock - this could be enough shock factor to keep the price at MSRP instead of a premium. Also depends on numbers made - if they plan on pumping 1000 spiders out - I will wait 1 extra year - and pick it up for well under MSRP.

    I have been thrilled with the overall performance and drivability of the Gallardo thus far - the only other car I could see looking at right now would be the 430 - but the realistic entry (for me anyway) is probably still a few years away - in regards to price...
  6. Any photos of the Spyder yet ?
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  8. i think vw has decided to make minimum runs of fairly large size. so they will over produce these spiders as well....and then just wait a year....

    whats the lowest price anybody has seen for a gallardo so far?
  9. I don't believe so. Official unveiling will be at the Geneva Auto Show in September. I assume we'll be seeing the spy photos come up in the next couple of months.
  10. I agree with Richard. I anticipate the Spider selling for over MSRP for the few couple of months given the novelty. Heck, even the Porsche 997 C2S sold for a 5K premium when it first came out because it was the "next hot thing."

    From what I hear, the Gallardo Spider will be unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show in September 2005, with stateside deliveries probably coming in early 2006. If the Spider is released around Spring 2006 and, assuming a price point of ~$200K (speculation on my part), you should see premiums in the $25K - $35K range.

    How long a premium lasts for will be a function of many factors, including performance, public acceptance of styling, but perhaps most importantly, supply from Sant’Agata. I do think Lamborghini has learned it's lesson on over-supply with the Gallardo coupe, and have to believe that they will somewhat limit the production on the Spider to avoid a similar situation. While they will never sustain the premiums that Ferrari manages to get year after year for its vehicles, they will hopefully be able to curtail the sharp drop in value that the coupes experienced.
  11. When I was looking for mine - I did see one at 130K (30K miles - I assume it was an exotic rental)

    Most of the cars with 3K - 6K miles were listing for 155K or so (3 months ago). I bought mine new (Actually had 500 miles on the clock) (no trade in) for under 150K (All options - minus the e-gear and clear bonnet) (ie. Bi color leather, Painted calipers, on board computer, Accentra Headliner, etc. etc. - 187K sticker :)

    I have seen a few with 3K - 6K miles going for 150K as of late (so probably 145K would be the selling or something close to that).

    It looks like they have stabalized a little - new or low miles (under 2K) 04's are still listed at an average of about 155K.

    The 05's are still pretty new to the US dealers - I have heard that you can pick one up for around 15K or so under sticker (with a few options that would MSRP at 185K or so) but there are more options such as "Sport package" and also GPS, Carbon engine parts and interior (I think I read the carbon package is a 10K option, etc could easily take the MSRP to 195K...) So probably about a 20K difference between a new 04 and a new 05.

    It was interesting when I decided to go with the gallardo - I called many private sellers that had pretty much the car I wanted - about 2K miles - around 150 - 155K - I called and talked to 3 private sellers and 2 dealers (similar cars and specs) - I got no movement on the price at all. (Of course looking back - if they paid sticker (which many early buyers did) - they would have paid around the 180K mark - so probably pretty underwater - thus the firm stance on price.

    I ended up calling the dealer I bought it from worked a price for a new one - well under what I could have picked up even a high mileage one for.

    I think over the next year - you will see the 04s (with lower miles) probably go down the the 135K mark. I think at this price - with this much car and most will still have a few months remaining warranty - you will see them move thus holding the price at this level.

    I also think they will turn back production numbers as well - knowing the huge amount still unsold - they will not want them just sitting - it cost much less to tweak back production than let them sit unsold.

    I love my f-cars - but for around 150K right now (or less in the near future) - this is by far the most car for the money in the exotic world IMO.
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  13. From what I have been told they are guesstimating the MSRP to be 225K (and reportedly - they will come with pretty much all options - minus Carbon Fiber).
  14. fyi, the geneva show already happened (mar 3-13). they had some kind of roadster thing, i thought it was the murci, but it looked completely impractical, and the crowds were so huge that i quickly moved on. it may have been the gallardo tho....
  15. No, I believe that was the Gallardo Concept which, due to significant interest, is now potentially becoming a real production car (or some variant of it will). www.italiaspeed.com has a full write-up of this.

    I'm obviously getting my names confused - what's the big European car show in September?
  16. Interesting pricing commentary Richard - thanks for posting. I've been poking around a but and have reached similar conclusions. I'm seeing a few of the cars being offered at the $150K price point (primarily higher mileage [3K - 6K] and / or lower options). However, the majority are being offered up at a $160K number. I therefore think the average selling price has to be around $155K.

    I also believe that this car trades for $130K - $135K in the next twelve months. Partly reflects the fact that we are on the steeper part of the depreciation curve right now, and partly the larger incentive to migrate towards the '05's given the expanded option list. The nice thing about the 04's, though, is that the majority were sold prior to the $10K price-hike, so that may be an attractive factor to some.
  17. this is diffinetly the most car for your money in the exotic world...i was told the 06s coupes will have 540hp, but then i have heard from 520 to 600hp!! my only problem with the gallardo is the front lights...to thin and angular for my taste...love the rest of the car...on the spider, they dont seem so noticable....the only other complaint i have is with the 4 wheel drive...which is a double edge sword...rock solid handling, great stablity in all condition...but with a less lively steering feel and increased weight and complexity...great exhaust note, far better than a stock 355, 360 and 550m, all of which need tubis to sound good

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