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Huracán TAG’s Own Ad-Personam Performante is HERE - Pictures & Experience Inside!

Discussion in 'V10 Lamborghinis' started by TAGMotorsports, Jan 17, 2018.

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    THE BABY IS HERE!! That’s right, our very own 2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante is here at TAG Motorsports as the newest addition to our stable. Now before we knew about its incredible Nurburgring Times, or even had a chance to drive this capable beast, we started our journey with this car at the Lamborghini Ad Personam Studio in Sant’Agata Bolognese, Italy.

    Having close ties with the corporate team at Lamborghini USA, we were able to do an Ad Personam Program at the factory where we chose the colors, options etc all in their studio. The experience was incredible because the possibilities of the Ad Personam Program is ENDLESS - from the wheel color to your stitching, to custom engravings, leathers, materials, if you can think it - they can likely do it!

    Ever since I had seen the Gallardo in Balloon White, I knew that our first Lamborghini had to be that color. It was such an incredible blend of silvers and metallic paints which makes this all that more special than the standard white. We elected to go with the Gloss Black Forged Wheels (to show off the beautiful lightweight titanium lugs that the car comes with - even though we were going to likely swap it out) and a handful of small details in gloss black outside the car.

    Moving onto the interior, the Performante is built typically in complete Alcantara interior with 1 choice of interior accent color - which on a white car, we knew we wanted mostly which stitching to match the exterior, but after further looking, the white stripe on the center of the seat would look like an easy target for the blue jeans stains and just look grimy after a short period. So the solution was simple, white stitching everywhere and white laser engraving everywhere BUT the stripes on the seat, the “Performante" Script on the side of the seat as well as the stripe at 12’oclock on the steering wheel and seatbelts in RED to match the calipers. After seeing the renders - we were SOLD and couldn’t wait for her to arrive stateside.

    Once this beautiful masterpiece arrived, we were blown away. First, the color is a sight to see in person. It really changes and shifts dramatically depending on the light. We knew it was going to be a great color, but we were not ready for how great the color would work with the Huracans sharp lines. It really gives some pretty cool contrast effects, that you can get a little taste of in the pictures. In person, it really is something else!

    We are known to really mod our project cars, but before this project even left Italy, we knew we were going to keep it very simple, and only add the missing touch this car needed. We went with HRE R101LW wheels in Frozen Stone Bronze Finish in the OEM sizing. The “101” is a timeless and very popular style from HRE. But that’s just because it fits so well on many vehicles with its long spokes and open space. It gives a sense of a bigger wheel, some concavity, and really shows off a great set of brakes well. Being that this is a super performance platform, there was no doubt we would go with the lightweight version of these wheels as designated by the “LW” in the model name. Being that HRE uses the same forging sources as Lamborghini with their monoblock forged wheels, we know this is the perfect choice. We finished off the wheels with HRE carbon fiber center caps, wrapped them in the OEM Pirelli PZERO Corsa tires, and adjusted the altitude with Novitec Lowering Springs.

    On initial drive, you certainly feel the 3-4lbs weight savings on each corner of the car. The car now with the new ride height (Roughly 1” lower than factory) really is a gem. The car feels planted. Anyone who has driven a standard Huracan - this is NOT a huracan - It drives like something completely different. The Active Aero is constantly working with you and you can see on the middle screen the ALA System’s air movement and where it is shifting the air. It's truly special. It turns in very nicely and that V10 just wails all the way to redline. With the valves open, the factory exhaust automatically bypasses the muffler so you’re listening to a 10 cylinder symphony right off the header/cats!

    This car is just mind-blowing, and we cannot keep out of the driver's seat. It is really a unique experience and look forward to sharing more of it with you.

    2018 Lamborghini Huracan Performante

    -20" HRE R101LW Wheels in Frozen Stone Bronze Finish

    -245/30/20 & 305/30/20 Pirelli PZero Corsa Tires (OEM)

    -HRE Carbon Fiber Centercaps

    -Novitec Lowering Springs

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    If you have any questions feel free to contact us HERE
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    Adrian Bogacki
    These HRE wheels fit perfectly to the Huracan Performante! Great work!
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    Agree! And the weight savings helps too! :)

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