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Supercharger for Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by G-force, Apr 13, 2004.

  1. Talked with the boys at GAIC today.They did the engine /computer upgrades on my 996TT. In the "planning stages" is a superchager for the Gallardo.
    Problem is they have sooo much work I'm afraid I can't wait that long?
    I told them could use my car for the developent if it happens anytime soon.
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  3. what would you do if they f--ed up your car??
  4. Not real worried about that. Garrett the owner is a GENIUS. He is a medical
    doctor but loves performance/computers and I trust him totally. I'm sure he will stand behind the development like he does his products...100%.
    I tried to talk him into going public a couple of years ago..he passed.
    He is not profit motivated the way I am.
  5. a supercharger is going to stress the engine and car internals in a way that it was not designed for....this could have serious effects on the longevity of the car and engine adn also reliablity...not to mention the warrenty

  6. RE: warranty gone yes but I've never been in warranty prison so that's not a factor.The setup he will use will be 3-5 pounds.
    Hopefully, I will find the twin turbo setup sooner anyhow.
    I'm more of a Stampede of bulls type.
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  8. Audi is going to build the twin turbo version aren't they?

    I think superchargers are much nicer on the street though. My 308 is at 22 psi and about 600 hp. If you drop the compression a bit, I'd bet you could wring 800-1000 out of a gallardo with relative ease. Still, 3-5 psi is about 20-30% hp increase.
  9. A nice reliable 625-650 Hp will suit me for a bit...
  10. LOL!!Yeah sure Wayne.Maybe a month,then bring on the 800hp.

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