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Stupidest thing done with your CAR!!!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by MAHOOL, Jul 26, 2004.

  1. just wondering what the stupidest or even funniest thing that some of you chatters have ever done in your car or with your car, like leave your top down when it's raining outside...............
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  3. I dont do stupid things with my car, but i know plenty of people around here that take their exotics through a car wash i used to work at. My neighbor down the street takes his black 6.0 SE through the car wash and detail center. I dont think that is a stupid move at all, the "brushes" will not harm the car or its paint in the slightest bit.
  4. Gary Green....
  5. good call
  6. I went through a car wash with my 355 Spider hood down once..... don't ask. In my defense I did specifically ask for no spray from above, no wax and only handwashing the exterior. Somewhere along the way, I didn't speak albanian, he didn't speak English.. it all went a bit wrong.
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  8. The car washes around Indy cannot take low clearance cars memtioned above. My stupid move, in 1991 driving my new ZR1 Corvette 175, hitting a piece of tire retread and taking 1900 feet to get stopped. $25K in damage.
  9. In 1998 and 1999 I had a '98 Diablo Monterey Edition SV Coupe, Chiaro Blue with Yellow (!) interior. I picked it up from a routine service in the summer of '99 and noticed that the rear view mirror was coming off. No problem, I decided, I'll just glue it up there. I bought a glue kit (actually, several) at the local auto parts store, and after several tries got it up there. But, it was angled a little bit, and the base was not covered by the black rectangle on the windshield. Again, no problem, I'll just knock it off and try again. Knocked it off alright, along with chunks of the windshield. Let's see:

    2K+ for new windshield
    1K for rubber windshield gasket
    1K for shipping and installation

    Do the math. At least they got it done in time for me to do the '99 Running of the Bulls.
  10. Great story! I'll bet others can identify with their own.
  11. unfortunately I've remembered another stupid thing I did (when I was new to cars....). I'd just picked up a new car that had an immobiliser, I parked up at a supermarket, shortly returned to the car with shopping, tried the ignition - nothing happened........ really worried.... thought it must be some kind of problem with the engine, perhaps a fluid issue. So, I checked the oil (cold engine) and saw that it was apparently massively low, went to buy oil, filled engine to the brim, accidentally pressed immobiliser deactivation, so ofcourse the engine now started VERY VERY full of oil. After generating a massive cloud of smoke in the car park I realised what I had done (doh!)

    The only way I could think of getting the oil out was to syphone it out using gavity by initially sucking the oil from the tank with my mouth (not allowing it to actually go in my mouth) and allowing gravity and liquid tension to do the rest, so after locating a tube I did this.... it actually worked quite well, until of course the one time I misjudged the suction applied and got a face full of oil.

    I had loads of people watching to, thinking what is that stupid bloke doing with his car.. I also had a new girlfriend with me, she was like, what the h ell??

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  13. At a place I was staying at in college, I was coming out of the gravel driveway onto the (gravelly) dirt road, and trying to buckle my seatbelt and steer at the same time. I oversteered and the car slid off the road to the inside and I found my neighbor had placed a 2ft high rock in the tall grass on the side of his driveway, which I found with my car somewhere between 5-10 mph. Luckily, old MB's are tanks and the plastic bumper got a 2-3in dent and nothing more.

    Completely oblivious to the rules of proper car care, I once used a plastic dish sponge to get tar stains off the bottom of a company Corolla. After 6-7 spots I noticed how it wasn't shiny in those areas any more...
  14. I was in a Jeep, in the middle of 2 sq miles of completely flat land, on clear sunny day and managed to have a perfect head on collision with a truck, we were the only two vehicles as far as the eye can see.

    Shame I left the photos in storage you have to see it to believe it!!

    At least the other driver felt equally as stupid

  15. Am I the only one wondering why you did not just have the dealer fix it?? :)
  16. Windshields are easy to install. Why pay a dealer labor when it's a DIY job? ;)
  17. Leaving the keys in the ignition while desperete for the lav, never saw the car again
  18. Was it red!
  19. Yes yes and yes!!

  20. Sometimes I just love the way you Brits describe things.
  21. My Cousin got a new car and was very posesive, he wouldn't let no one drive it....One day we drove from JAX, FL to Orlando to go partying...The whole way there I kept asking him to let me drive...he kept saying no...Finally I broke him down, or he got tired of my whining and said I could drive back to Jax after our fun on the town.....He was drinking a span, I took it easy cause I wanted to enjoy the drive,

    Leaving Orlando night club, I was driving.....poseing with the car.....he was passed out next to me, but I didn't care everyone looking at the car.....all of a sudden he comes to and yaks all over the car......The seats, carpet, on my shirt...himself.....vomit all over the car....he then passes out again....I had to drive a hour and a half back to JAX smelling this stuff.......ruined the whole experience.....
  22. I decided to go to the Museum of Natural History in NYC, which is about 10 minutes from my apartment. It was freezing that day so I decided to take my car (Mercedes G500). Anyway, I didn't know the museum had a garage so I was driving around trying to find the closet parking garage possible. The one I ended up going to had really low clearance. Since my car was so high, I went in slowly and opened the sun roof to check if I had room. I had a few inches so I decide to go in; however, the door to the garage (one of those metal roll up ones) was slightly lower than the roof of the entrance and I didn't realize it until I heard the sound of the metal door scraping my roof.
  23. Been there, done that.

    Yup been there too. lol. except the truck was at a stop....where it has been for about a dozen years.
  24. Once while I was in college my cousin invited me to go fishing on the Merced river. We went to E and J Gallo's ranch to catch panfish. We had not been invited.

    At one point, we came to the river and wanted to get to the other side, about 50 feet across. He was certain he could make it across in the Fiat 850 Spider we were in, so long as he hit it going fast enough.

    We hit the river at 60mph off the dirt road and came to a dead stop in the middle of the river, after which the Fiat sank and I swam out with the textbooks I had brought with me. We had to contact Gallo's and have the car towed out of the river and off their property.

  25. dropped my keys in cvs while looking at magazines, the car was bye-bye when i got outside
  26. I am suspecting RABEEH.

  27. Stupidest thing I have done was when I collected the Countach, never drove a car with 450+ bhp in the wet before and went around a roundabout sideways and ended up doing a 270. I just pulled off and acted like nothing had happened but my heart was in my mouth. There was a lesson learnt that day I can tell you :) It called having respect for the car..........
  28. Picked up my new Jeep Cherokee in Sydney back in 1994 - needed gas so I stopped a station to fill 'er up. Noticed that the gas filler door had no "finger pull" so assumed that there must be a release inside the vehicle...looked through the entire car trying to find the filler door release to no avail. Twenty minutes of thrashing around in the car later, I left the gas station without gasoline, completely p!$$ed off.

    Never even TRIED to just push on the hinged end, which of course just pops it open....I think I ended up calling the dealership as there weren't instructions in the owner's manual either.



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