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Stopped by police to check out Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by mhh, Apr 20, 2004.

  1. Last night, I was stopped by a cop who had been following me for a while down a favourite deserted windy road near the city. I wasn't speeding since I saw him pull in behind me. Flashing lights on, asked me out of car and said he wanted to breath test me as part of a drink driving blitz. Very polite about it. I blew zero and then he admitted he really wanted to look at my new Gallardo. He knew plenty about it and we talked for quite some time. Said it was his dream car, wanted to know what I did for a living etc. I didn't mind, but it made me late home.

    Have others had this happen to them? I figured the best thing was to go along with it in case he's the one holding the laser gun next time I go by.

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  3. It hasn't happened yet in my Lamborghini ,however a few saturdays ago a cop pulled me over in my Ferrari ,and asked if we could trade cars for an hr or so, the entire time admiring and complimenting her . He then asked if he would stand a chance in a car chase, of coarse I said not in that car you wouldn't,he was totaly cool!
  4. Last year I just picked up my car from the shop and was on the way home going through R202 when a police cruiser pulled up next to me and asked me if he could look at my car, so I pulled over and we started to talk. It turns out that he also owns a Lambo but his is a Countach. We became friends and shortly after got together at his house where I meet "the jersey crew" and we all went for a nice drive to New Hope
  5. MHH, I don't think that they can "pull you over" for a blanket drunk driving "blitz" as you called it. They CAN put up a sobriety road block check point and check EVERYBODY that pulls up to the checkpoint, but one loan cop can not pull you over just because he wants to give you a drunk driving test, especially since he has no justifiable cause to pull you over since your weren't speeding, driving erractically, broken tail light lens, etc. If he TRUELY was only interested in looking at your car, then why didn't he just say so in the first place? Unless he secretly was trying to get some thrills by having the daily bragging rights down at the police department for being the cop who bagged a drunk driver in the Lamborghini. According to proper police procedure, he no doubt radioed in your license plate number to make sure that your car was not stolen or wanted. Nowadays, some high tech police cars have computer terminals in their cars that are connected to the DMV so that they can type in your plate number and check all the data instantly themselves. That cop abused the power of his badge plain and simple.
  6. I am once again jealous. I am not a big fan of police following me regardless, but it sure sounds like a good problem to have in your in a Lambo.
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  8. Horsefly, mhh lives in Australia. Forget everything you know about American policing!
  9. I completely agree. It is really hard to buy into this story as well. A friend of mine is a Ohio State Trooper. According to Road and Track, Car Magazine and Rocky Mountain Radar, and my buddy, they are the most ruthless and advanced ( as Rocky Mountain will state on their web site they have the most laser guns per car out of any other state, they are the freight center for many postal trucking lines as stated by Car Mag, and obviously after the highway shootings must be on their toes. ) It is completely against regulation to pull over a car without cause. In the states of Ill, OH, and IN, road blocks are the only legal means to do a speeding and/or drinking blitz because of the threat of racial profiling and legal backlash from it. And as any cop comming out of the academy knows and has at least 3 brain cells left, none of their cars could keep up with the ones you have and even the instructors admit this.

    The only urban legend that I have seen proven and you might notice in courts now is the request to see the laser gun. By law they must show you the speed the clocked you "speeding" at unless they cite you for dangerous driving given the conditions. This laser gun request can be tried out if you ever get pulled over. Or if you are in court for any particular reason and see some speeding tickets pleaded, at least in Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois the ticket issuing officer always states the last time his gun was calibrated, where and by what means, and if the driver asked for confirmation. This is another reason many speeding tickets issued on highways are from a spotter on a on ramp or overpass who will confirm with the pursuit vehicle the speed.

  10. Rocketboy - you were probably typing while I wrote my message, but if not, take a gander at my post above yours.

  11. HEY GUYS HE IS IN AUSTRALIA they have different rules give him the benefit of the doubt.
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  13. Rocket scientist this guy lives in a different country.
    Why does it seem like a fellow Lambo owner has to point out the obvious??
  14. Thanks for making my point clear, bananaboat! Maybe I was too subtle.
  15. Ryalex, you are correct SIR!!! Now that you reminded me that MHH is in Australia, I remember that normal common legal sense and personal liberties simply do not apply "down under". Australia doesn't even have a Second Amendment that allows a human being to own a firearm to protect themselves against other evil people. How stupid of me to assume that they have any "probable cause" laws or Fourth Amendments that prevent against unlawful search and seizure. Sorry MHH, forget all my advise except this tidbit: MOVE TO AMERICA!!!
  16. Happened to me plenty of times when I had the F40. Was never a problem which surprised me, since I was driving an unregistered LHD car (once with tyres worn to the canvas when they weren't available) on trade plates.
  17. Funny man :rolleyes:
  18. Sorry to cause confusion by not saying where I live.

    Horsefly, I can't move to USA - my car is right hand drive and I wouldn't go anywhere without it!
    Shame I can't move - I've heard about how good your cops are over there...

  19. If you do make it here to the USA, just go to Montana where the speed limit is pretty much non-existant. At one point in Montana, the remote highways had no actual speed limit except what was "safe and prudent" if I remember their law correctly. But after catching alot of flak from the rest of the country, I think they set the speed limit at 70 or 75 just to make it sound legal. But since Montana is so big and isolated, you could probably see a cop even if he was 5 miles away from you. What say F-chat members? Anybody here from Montana that can tell MHH where to make a maximum speed run in Montana? Of course now that I think about it, the Australian outback has stretches of road that are a 100 miles long with NOTHING in between. But aren't most of those roads dirt or gravel? And isn't most of the traffic from giant semi-trucks with three or four trailers full of cattle?
  20. Can I stop a cop and inspect his/her car the next time I am out for a drive ?

    It is O.K. when someone wants to admire your car. Harassment is another

    Kinda like the cop at the door of a gun show, when you walk in with a full
    auto unloaded subgun with papers ?

  21. Here's the ultimate Outback Road in Australia - sealed and unlimited for nearly 1000miles. Trouble is, I have to drive for a couple of days at 68mph to get to the start of it from where I am.

  22. Thing I didn;t like was "road conditions can deteriorate rapidly after
    heavy rain".
    Guess you have to make a"dry run" first then hammer it.
  23. I don't have a Gallardo, but i did have two cops pull me over in my Viper ACR to check it out.

    At first the claimed i was doing 28 in a

    Later they really chatted it up for like 15 mins, and I figured they were really bored and felt like stopping me to check out my car.
  24. Like we don't have anything better to do but entertain curious cops!!!!!

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