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Stone/Rock Chips - Murcie

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by dealmaker, Apr 17, 2005.

  1. Guys,

    Has anyone else had issues with paint chips on their Murcie?

    To me it seems the paint is softer than on my previous Diablo's and nowhere near as hardwearing as that on my 997.

    I've getting particular problems on the front spoiler/bumper and the lower sill area behind the front wheel.

    I've tried a simple test and I can mark the paint with a thumbnail - is this normal?
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  3. What do you mean by marking your paint with your thumbnail? I doubt you are marking the paint, but marking the clear coat, which isnt hard to do. Towels even scratch clear coat.

    Get some swirl mark remover and usually those come right out in a matter of seconds.

  4. My advice, FWIW, is to get a plastic guard like the 3M stuff on the nose before it chips badly.
  5. Excellent comment as I have it on all three of my red cars. Barely noticeable and no rock chips anywhere.
  6. Although my car isn't an exotic, Subaru paint is infamously thin and chips and scratches easily; I wish I would have gotten this on the car at delivery as after 29k miles the front end is worn badly with chips and behind the wheels has been sandblasted off from winter roads. Not to mention the beating the bumpers have taken from bad parallel parkers and objects flying from pickup trucks of furniture. :(
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  8. What the...???
  9. Yeah, this was from 4/6:

    Last night I was on a highway and while merging onto an exit ramp, I heard a sharp *CRACK* like a gunshot. I glanced left just in time to see a small object (a small 1.1ft microwave or appliance???) come flying off the side corner of a silver Honda Odyssey minivan and launch in a spinning arc right into the front of my car. It hit with a loud crunch. I was already leaving the freeway when I looked ahead to see a pickup truck with an open bed on the shoulder about 40 yards down the highway, loaded with a bed and other belongings and two guys scrambling to put things back in the truck.

    Unfortunately I was in a split second decision whether to stop and hike over to get their information to get their insurance to repair my bumper or continue to my appointment... and I continued on. It's just 2 large gashes/paint rubs along the passenger side of the bumper. I have to get my bumpers repainted anyway since parallel parkers in my neighborhood have already ruined them for me.
  10. I had the entire front ends of both my Murci and Gallardo stoneguarded with the 3M product. It is a life saver! Worth every penny!!
  11. After 13000 miles my Murcie's front end looks like its been shotblasted. Needs a repaint up to the windsceen. I'm cursing the day I turned down the offer of the clearcoat stuff..
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  13. I'm just planning on getting a front end respray every other year. I'd imagine it'd cost about the same as the Armourfend stuff anyway as well as I don't usually keep my cars longer than a year or two anyway...

  14. Bummer Ryan.

    This happened to me while I was driving my XJR in Houston, a lumber truck dropped a 2x4 out of the back and it bounced up and down before finally targeting my foglight with a stomach turning "grunch". I got what I thought was the company name off of the mud-flaps... unfortunately that was the company that MADE the truck (no it wasn't Ford ;) ).

    $350 later, I had a new foglight and was semi-happy that it didn't hit my windshield like the garbage can lid 5 years ago. Thank God for saftey glass.

  15. Yeah, I got trained for such situations a few years ago when I was coming up to pass a truck loaded with furniture in the bed in my ma's old Caddy - all of the sudden a 5-6ft wooden bookcase that was on top pulled away from the ropes, stood upright on the pile of junk and then rolled to the freeway in front of me. It smashed apart in front of us, I braked hard but couldn't stop - ended up having to drive over the edges of the boards and pray nails didn't tear my tires apart. Made it over them safely, but had to pull over at the nearby rest area to calm down my adrenalin shock!

  16. Hi Simon talk to Paintshield they are not far from you and may do you a deal they may also advise you about the repaint.


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