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starter died in Murcielago

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by phong69, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. I was in Sarasota this weekend driving my buddy's Murcielago when we noticed a raspy sound from the engine compartment. We drove a while longer and noted the sound getting louder. After stopping at his office, I went to shut the car off and turned the key. It moved like 1mm and the sound stopped. Needless to say, we fried the starter. The stupid keychain attaches to the proximal end of the key itself and not the head of the key. It got stuck on the the ignition cylinder. WTF, the car is out of warranty but has anyone else had trouble with this poor piece of engineering? Do we have any recourse with Lamborghini of NA? How much for a new starter?
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  3. The starter is about $1500 with $4500 in labor to do the job.

    Regarding recouse with Lamborghini, your part failed out of warranty, you have no recourse at all.

    Who were you visiting in Sarasota? That's where I live and I know of only one friend with a Murci -- a Dr. with a yellow Murci. If it's not him, give the guy my email so we can meet up sometime. I love to know the local owners, always fun to do drives and lunch and whatnot.


  4. 4500 in labor! Do they have to pull the motor to get to it? His name is Dr Nalluri and the car is yellow.
  5. That is one of the most difficult replacement jobs on the engine. My mechanic says this is one of his least favorite. That and replacing the belts, he says that is a two person job. Dr. Haas has a yellow car that I sold him, it was not him was it?

  6. Chris; that's whos I think it may have been, but I cant see him letting anyone drive it, so I'm still thinking its someone elses car.

    No lambo tech likes a starter replacement. I hate it when the fail under my warranty too, they are a big money pit. It's not a common problem, but it DOES happen.

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  8. 'Not me and I never heard of Dr. Nalluri. Is he/she new in town? What kind of doctor is he/she? Where is the practice?

  9. thought lcars had is replacing belts tough?:)
  10. I think the G has the chains, but not sure if the Murcie does
  11. Timing is via chains however: alternator, a/c - belt
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  13. Check the ring gear for damage
  14. AEHaas,
    My friend Raj is a Plastics guy in Sarasota/ Bradenton. He started his practice about 2 years ago. We went to med school together in Cleveland. I asked him to give you a call to obtain some insight on this problem if thats ok with you. He got his Murc about 3-4 months ago.
  15. Can anyone confirm these unbelievable numbers on starter replacement? This is just too hard to believe. $4500 in labor represents 45 hours of work at my LAmbo dealership. Hell, you can pull the whole engine for that!
  16. I am not sure about the Murc, but I know many cars are now switching to internal starters inside the engine to save weight. It sounds as if the Murc, might have this. Can anyone confirm?

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