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Sport setting for Gallardo

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by pwongd, Jun 16, 2004.

  1. Is there anyone here bought or is going to buy a Gallardo with a sport setting option? The dealer doesn't seem to be able to explain the difference between the regular setting and the sport setting. If anyone here can help, I'd appreciate it very much.

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  3. All Gallardo's and Murci's have a sport setting for the e-gear transmission. I have read about a sport suspension available as a factory option but I haven't seen a US car with that option yet.
  4. I guess it must have to do with the timing and vigor of shifts. My 6-speed is always in "sports" settting.
  5. You have three settings for your e-gear. First one is Auto which means you don't need to do anything. Forgot the name of the second one but what it means is when your rpms rev high it will auto shift for you if you fail to do so yourself. Sport means that you will control whether you want to upshift or downshift no matter what the rpms are which means you can keep your rpms at 8200 for as long as you want or until your engine fries hehe.
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  7. Murci has NO auto mode must only be in Gallardo's.

  8. What settings are on the Murcie Egear? What is the difference between the two systems? I was told that the Murcie egear was a bit better than the Gallardo system, any reality or just opinion?
  9. Thanks guys.

    Jim G, I think it has something to do with the suspension because it was ticked on the option list as a factory option and unfortunately it adds cost to the car!

    I am concerned because the ride on the G car is already a bit harsh for my liking, and I don't know if this sport suspension will be much harsher, a little harsher, or whatever the difference is. With the road condition around here the ride quality is very important for me.

    The below options are on this car and they add a ton of money to the car. I'd like some information on how much these options will cost in your countries. If possible, that is.
    1- The optional 3-layer exterior color.
    2- The optional glass engine cover.
    3- The optional sport suspension.
  10. Murcimurcie, the e-gear on my car has a couple settings one for slippery surfaces, another for sport, and normal. All that I could say is that my experience with the egear Gallardo was very limited as once I saw the pearl yellow Murcie parked next to it I didn't have much interest in an extended test drive I had already fallen in love. My 360 with F1 box felt very similar to the Gallardo's not too smooth at part throttle shifts but fun and the blipping of the throttle was far more pronounced on downshifts than the 360 and sounded great. Having said that the egear on the Murcie is the same one essentially used by the Maranello and just seems like its the next generation of the system. Quick takeoffs are met with a very quick clutch release and I have to say this is the first egear transmission I would take over a 6 speed. As far as the suspension goes my car has 4 settings from softest to hardest, if you plan on tracking the Gallardo you could never have too stiff a suspension IMO so I would have that option if it were available. If you want yellow its 3 layer and its your only choice. Clear engine cover is personal preference, I love it.
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  12. Jim G, does your 4-level adjustable suspension an optional item or does it come standard with the car? Please help clarify this point. I think if the one that will be fitted to this coming car is the one you are talking about, I'll probably be okay with it.

    By the way, the car is Metallic Orange 3-layer. I saw a Mercie in this color and that was something!
  13. If you are talking about adjustable suspension ONLY the Murcielago has it. The Gallardo suspension does not have multiple adjustable suspension nor is it an option.
  14. how much difference does it make between the 4 settings on the murcie?


    it must be quite a lot for a Gallardo in Thailand, are there many on the road now?
  15. Yeah, it costs quite a bit here. Not only Gallardo but all of the exotic cars. Even some non-exotic but with large engine are also very expensive due to the import duty and tax system set up by the gov't.

    The dealer told me that they have been allocated 11 Gallardos and 4 Mercies for 2004, all sold. The last of the Gallardo to arrive is the one I am talking about. If order one now, earliest possible ETA in Thailand is way toward the end of 2004. The last of the Mercie was sold two days ago. One of the Mercie sold is the 40th anniversary version. Quite nice!

    BTW, the actual name of that sport suspension thing I've been asking is "Sport Set Up and Steering Wheel". Can anyone give me any clue as to what the heck it is?
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    Sport setup including sport steering wheel

    is re-tuned suspesion from the factory ( I would guess firmer ride )
    and alcantra-like material for the steering wheel grip.

    This is what I have seen and been told by my salesman.

    I hope that helps...
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  17. Endra, your new gallardo?
  18. EM25, you are exactly right. I went and talk to the mechanic at the dealer this past Sat and he gave me the following details.

    1- Reverse leather steering wheel.
    2- A stiffer set of spring. He said though that the city ride should stay the same but cornering grip and handling is better.
    3- Freer flow air filter.
    4- Seats with alcantara in the middle section. I am not sure if these seats are actually part of the sport set up package. The above 3 items are surely in the package.

    I am not quite sure now because the reverse leather can sure be quite sticky and irritating unless it's use on a track day. Alcantara has never been my favourite also. The detail of this package really gives me concern. I will probably wait and see the actual car before I make any decision.

    Thanks for your help everyone.
  19. no...not yet! :p
  20. The car arrived last Wednesday. I went to take a look at the dealer and fell in love immediately. The 3 layer orange is gorgeous. I traded my GT2 in that day and picked up the car two days later. I only had a little over 300 km on it though. Oh, it turned out the Sport set up wasn't even on the car as listed. I was so glad.

    Of all the previous cars before I got to this one, 360M and GT2, I like Gallardo the best. Its e-gear beats 360M's hands down in the city. I haven't really tried it on open road yet though. The ride that I was afraid might be too firm turned out to be perfectly set up. Much more comfortable comparing to the punishment you get from the GT2, yet not as soft as the 360M.

    Can somebody tell me how to post picture here so that I can post the car? A step by step help for an idiot like me will be appreciated.
  21. I would like to see some pics of your baby bull.

    on the reply post, click on the "manage attachment" (2nd window down) and browse the picture(s) file in your computer.

    hope that helps.
  22. Thanks EM25. I'll try posting some pics of the car taken by the dealer the day I picked her up. I'll take more pictures this weekend and post more later.

    EM25, I've tried your step and it took me to the manage attachement window. I browsed and selected pictures I wanted to post, clicked upload and it just stuck there for like 5 minutes. I did this three times and got the same thing. Any suggestion?
  23. the pics might be too big or your connection might be just a bit slow...
  24. Tezta, the pictures have already been resized by the dealer who sent them to me via mail. I'll try again. Looks like it works this time.
  25. I posted 2 pictures but only one came up. Here is another one if it works.
  26. Well, it didn't work. I'll try again. If this time it still doesn't work, I quit.
  27. So your orange Gallardo has the sport suspension? it doesnt look any lower than stock really, which i suppose is a good thing when driving in Asia isnt it?

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