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Something just isn't right.....

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Tomf-1, Jan 6, 2005.

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  2. Look at the seller's other items.... a bunch of shoes.
  3. nice isn't it........if I wasn't DEAD set on a murcielago, i'd consider it.
  4. Why not call Dom and ask him?
  5. An Ebay seller like this knows how to get bids. My guess is that Dom will get 115-120. What do you guy's think?
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  7. The car has a bad carfax report, I called Dom to check it out and it had been in a fender bender... so maybe it brings a 100?
  8. CarFax actually catching something wrong with a car? Now that's a first... - :D

  9. Paith..... if you truly are DEAD...set on a Murcie, I can guide you to a perfect car and at a decent entry price too to SEAL it....LOL.

    Not sure where you live and how far you are from KC but you are welcome to join our Ferrari/Lambo club breakfast this Saturday at the Sheraton, OP KS.

    We have a good club with wonderful members who will go out of their ways to offer and exchange helpful info. about Fcars/Lambo. Btw, what are you driving right now? fyi. you don't have to own Fcars or Lambo to join.
  10. Last night, I sent an email inquiring about "BIN" price and if the price is right and everything checks out, I will fly in to "HotnSexyShoes" town USA (wherever it might be) with a certified check and drive it home.....No reply yet.
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  12. Tom- just called and talked to "Scott", said that Dom would be back in 1hr to call me back. Very intriguing, based out of Rochester, NY.

    Will post update later.

  13. Tom, HotNSexy is in New York. Not sure how hot or sexy, but Dom was very nice to me. Good luck.
  14. ok....let me get this straight....there is an actual town named "hot&sexy"?
    have i been living in a cage? where is the nearest airport? i m going regardless of the car.
  15. I work saturday, but ya think my son can join ya? He's 20?? Of course, a majority of my decision was based on him. What time and place? Might hafta get the one day flu!
  16. Paith.... just curious, where in MO do you live?
  17. currently my toy car is 2001 Mustang GT-Yep, its got all the power in the world!

  18. whoa, seems like we are in here at the same time. Just south of K.C., right by Lee's Summit.
  19. is this my Nick "RideOnTime" friend? :)
    thanks for the leg work, bro....i agree this is quite we have any f-chatter within proximity to "hot&sexy" rochester ?

    ps: got PM.
  20. no, I was joking, I forgot where Dom said he was exactly, I just remembered N.Y. Does the fact it was in a fender bender bother you?
  21. no, it doesn't.....but you teasing me about "sexy&hot" town does....

    "hey secretary....cancel that flight to rochester, NY for this weekend!!!!"

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