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Someone drove this Murci!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by allanlambo, Mar 29, 2004.

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  3. Damn 33,000 miles! I bet that one runs soooo nice!
  4. wanna bet its a typo for 3300 miles?
  5. I doubt its a typo...they only want $199K for it.
  6. Hey Mikey, your avatar just reminded me that Family Guy is on in 30 mins...Thanks:D

    For $199k I'm sure it is 33000, they had a blue Murcie with 13000 a month ago for $220k.
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  8. There are lots of late model Lamborghinis that have hi mileage. There was
    also a Diablo 6 with just over 30,000 miles forsale. Actually I have not seen
    many Diablo 6 garage queens listed forsale. Someone is driving them.
  9. Allan,
    Why don't you buy it?

  10. hahaha, because allan has no more room! too many exotics, must dump either the 355 or the lotus for that, and deep down he loves his ferrari too much;)
  11. I wouldn't be so sure, i know that my family friend's 2003 Murc, with 3,200 miles and 6 months old was taken in on trade for $210k....

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  13. Actually i think $199k for a 2002 with 3,300 miles is not too horrible.

    There is a newer 2003, with 1,485 miles for $239k, this is $40k more for a car with some warranty left, and 2,000 less miles.

    I think if a Murc only lost $40k in 31,000 miles, that would be awesome, that would put depreciation about in-line with a viper or 911 turbo ($1.25/mile), but I don't think that is the case.
  14. You guys are forgetting this is a dealer, asking retail. They more than likely have no more than 175,000 in the car. I bet its a strong runner though. Every fcar or Lcar ive ever had or driven that had miles on it, was a great car.
  15. You just answered your own quote, TRADE $210K....I bet they are making at least $10K-$14K on that car.
  16. On a car like this...or ANY car over $200K...does it really matter how much markup there is...I believe a profit should be entitled for the proper caressing of our ego's in convincing us that we do indeed DESERVE to buy a 1/4 MILLION $$$ car ...I mean after all, if you have to ask for a "best price" you shouldn't be buying the car in the first ain't a CHEVY for Christ' sake...

  17. Just because someone is smart with their money does'nt mean they should'nt be buying a Lamborghini...Nicolas Cage is worth a few bucks I think, do you think he should'nt be buying Lamborghinis just because he wants the best price? I am not the wealthiest guy here but I could pay msrp cash for several brand new Murcielagos with my annual salary, but I still want the best price possible....Why? So that I can do it again next year. I could care less if I buy brand new or slightly used as long as I get a great price and car...

    How many Lamborghinis have you bought and never questioned the price you paid? Do you think it is justified for a dealer to take a car that they are making alot of money on to begin with to jack up the price even more just because a few guys have more money than sense??

    I have a stockbroker buddy like that and with the way he talked I seriously thought he made about $20-$25mil/year, but I found out that he makes $800k+ bonus( best gross ever is $1.8mil) and he acts if money is no object. If I was grossing $1.8mil/year I would have a normal house and car and save up my money before I blew it trying to act like something I'm not:rolleyes:

    Call me cheap but maybe it is because I remember what it was like not to have any money and I am very appreciative and protective of the few assets I have....:D
  18. I totally agree (albeit on a slightly small scale.. ha ha). I haggled and bargained on my 355 both buying (and currently selling) and I certainly will all the way when/if the right Murci turns up. If you lose sight of 'value' and the detail of each transaction you make, you risk become pretty disillusioned in the long run.... staying in touch and low to the ground is the way forward.

    Granted this is not for everyone, some people are born playboys and hedonists - if thats what floats your boat, so be it, throw caution to wind and buy a car worth 200,000 for 250,000 and act like you'll never have any tough times
  19. I'm glad to see a Murci that isn't a garage queen. The cars are made to be driven and it's good to see someone who actually realized that.
  20. Nice to see people driving their cars.
  21. A guy in my neighborhood drives his murc. almost daily! I used to see him all hte time in my NSX..he's gotta be rackin up hte miles!

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