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So, Now I'm Really Torn

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by whart, Dec 17, 2004.

  1. I just went to look at an '03 Murcie, black/black which i can get at a wholesale price; the car was dirty, had a few paint chips around the wheel wells, but otherwise didn't look beaten; he would of course allow me to have it PPI'd by my mechanic of choice before making up my mind and i would assume that it is still covered by the mfr. warranty. The cost of this car is negligibly more than the pristine 6.0 i was shopping:- frankly, the 6.0 to my eye is the more glamorous car, the Murcie a bit more sinister, particularly in black; so, although i've raised this subject before, now that i am faced with the prospect of having either car for the same money-assuming both check out for mechanical purposes- which one? I am struggling with this since its largely an emotional, not a practical decision. If i go the Murcie route, i'd probably dump the shiny aftermarket wheels and replace them with something black and a little less "urban."
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  3. Back in October I drove, in this order, an '03 Black Murice, '04 Black Gallardo, and then my Super Fly Yellow '94 SE30 (my SE30 was in the shop and while and they let me and a friend take these cars out). All within an hour.

    Now, I drove these 3 cars on the very same 10 mile route, windows open. At the time we didn't think about it, but when driving the first two it was like we were invisible. When we hopped into my SE30 (remember, it's yellow), we got all kinds of "thumbs up" and hoops and hollers, people really enjoyed the car...

    I would go with the Diablo, it's more eye candy than the Murcie could ever hope to be my opinion that is. I also think the Murcie is very overweight (around 3900 lbs), I know the 6.0 is up there too, but not as heavy.

  4. William, I would go with the Murci in a heartbeat. Much better car.
  5. Dude, this shouldn't even be a question... Black/black Murcielago...? That you'll most likely put black wheels on...? C'mon, dude, there's your answer...!!!

    ...if you DO go that route, please let me know, so i can make flight arrangements. :)
  6. check out the poll i ran on murci vs 6.0 diablo was very close...i bbelieve the diablo just barely won....i have driven both cars,,the murci is the much more modern and better car and easier to drive...the 6.0 is wilder to look at and drive...its a matter of perferance...
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  8. AJ is your man for this question. He had a 6.0SE, then got a Murci, now wants a roadster too. Says the Murci is the best exotic he's ever had (and that's a long list).

    Of course, you'll prob want to hear it from him.
  9. for the same money? the murcie.

    better performance. in theory better mechanicals. warranty.

    my tuppence.

  10. Bill,

    I was just at LBoC today and test drove 2 Gallardos (e-gear & 6speed). I've been in the 6.0 and Murci as well and would have to suggest that you go with the Murci. The 6.0 is an incredible car and truly an eye catcher...however I find it cramped compared to the newer Murci (not by much though). I have to say that the Murci is the more refined machine and I think you will enjoy driving more in our area of the country as opposed to the 6.0. With that said, my opinion of the Gallardo changed dramatically today (both e-gear and my preferred 6speed). Great machines and more visceral than I thought they were going to be.

    Are you around the week between Christmas and New Years? If so I need to come down and visit you and the GT2! I'm finally off an airplane for the next couple of weeks...
  11. Although I love the 6.0 I would have to go with the Murci with the remaining warranty for the same money. That said, the new Gallardo will have in dash navigation,clear engine lid, about the same speed, full warranty and be brand new. (And you pick the colors) On top of that, the Gallardo spider will still probably be less than the Murci in question and will most likely not have the crazy wait times. If you need the scissor doors than go with the Murci. Enjoy the hunt, it is almost as much fun as having the car without the payment!

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    What I would do to be in your position right now...

    Personally, I'd take the Murcielago. In my subjective humble opinion, the Murcielago is a much sexier car, it looks as if it has been shaped to perfection by a wind tunnel. The Diablo just looks fast as hell, not so much sexy, but fast. I don't know where you live, but here if you're driving a black lamborghini, you are sure as hell gonna get looks. If I'm not mistaken, the Diablo 6.0 has RWD, and the Murcielago has AWD, which to me, is a big plus, because you could be doing things like this: [See Attachment]
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  14. 6.0 is AWD
  15. Murci. No question at all. Damn fine car :)
  16. You guys are killin' me, cause at this precise moment in time, i think i want the 6.0. Part of it is condition, part of it the color and style of the car, and honestly- as a car guy i hate to admit it- but the Murcie interior, at least in plain ol' black- is sterile, and almost without character.
    The Murcie does look more modern, and is a more balanced looking design- i always found the lumpy, long back-end of the later Countach(es) and virtually all the Diablos to be awkward looking,almost a little misshapen but somehow, the 6.0 rear end is cleaner looking, and more exotic, especially with the carbon wing. (I love the original LP 400, before it got all funk'd out with the flares, etc. for the ultimate clean line).
    As to driveability, i dunno. The more modern drive does not necessarily appeal more; remember, currently i'm driving the GT2 and its real hold on me is that it is not as seamless and "perfect" as a normal 996/7 or even the standard turbo. Being a bit of a beast to drive is OK in my book.
    It then comes down to warranty- if i do the Diablo, i will definitely buy an aftermarket warranty-and PPi's- the Murcie looked a little "put up wet" (i know a dirty, undetailed car to one that has been polished is unfair, but when somebody lets the engine bay get all nasty looking after a year, it makes me wonder how well it was taken care of by its former owner, needs books, i'm sure a few odds and ends will turn up on it, too, so its not like i'm buying perfection on that score, remember).
    So, thanks, all for the input so far- don't mean to be an ingrate by soliciting advice and then ignoring the majority consensus. We'll see how a feel about this as the weekend goes on; i will talk to both cars and their representatives a little more over the weekend, and sort out my thoughts. (And, yes, i do appreciate that its nice to have such problems...).
  17. If you want the 6.0 then go for it..... the Murci is just a distraction :)
  18. I would go with the 6.0.
  19. whart,

    You can't go wrong with either, and really it depends on what you want. For me, I much prefer the Murcie over the Diablo. You get warranty, more modern mechanicals, more refined driving characteristics, and a more refined design (in my opinion). For me, the Murcie is an excellent blend of refinement and brutish exoticism. Kind of a blend between a Diablo and a 911 (if that is possible). It's not quite as brutish as the Diablo, nor as refined as a 911, but a good blend of both qualities.

    To be fair, it may be a good idea to compare a pristine Diablo to a pristine Murci. Of course, in that case, the Murcie will cost more. Either way, you'll end up with a great car!
  20. i would take the murie over the 6.0 Diablo. The Diablo does not look very sexy. I mean you have to admit the vents in the back that raise are to die for. Black color on a murcie is not the best looking its too mysterious. When getting a lamborhini, any model you want a color visible from space. Its just a statement. I dont think you should be asking us to choose for you. Your are the one thats going to be driving it not us. Its your call.
  21. What is a good price for an 03 Murci?
  22. Well you can not go wrong with either car, but I have read your posts in this thread a couple times and it seems like your heart has already made a decesion and now you are relying on your mind to make the logical decesion. If you are following your car guy heart it seems like the diablo has already been chosen. Get the car YOU want, both cars are amazing and both will serve the purpose very well indeed. The diablo is more "exotic" in my opinion and more of an attention getter. the Murci is more practical and more refined but in your first post you said that this was not a "practical decesion." So I say get the 6.0 and post pics when you make your decesion. Good luck with everything
  23. I really like the Murc much better than the Diablo.

    Will you trade the GT2 or keep it ?
  24. for the practical reasoning mature adult - Murci

    for the wild crazy f**k'em kid in you - the Diablo

    which one has the check-book ???

  25. take this into consideration, buying a lambo is never rational

    in that case go for the 6.0, its not as rational but really is a true lambo in ever sense, it still has that lamboness that lost its way a bit with the murcie....
  26. For me, I would have a very hard time buying a Lambo that wasn't designed by Marcello Gandini. His shapes were always so gorgeous and is what made a Lamborghini a Lamborghin, imo. Since Audi took over, the designs are now sort of "blah" in my opinion. They have been toned down to look like normal German cars.

    The 6.0 was also the last Diablo built.......

  27. Listen to no one, just your heart. It will tell you which car to bring home.
  28. Bill...........

    I think the Diablo 6.0 is a much better looking vehicle......superior "optical dynamics" shall we say. The rest of the issues to me are a draw either way you go. They are still building Murci's.....and will for years to come....the Diablo 6.0 was done one year only and they are all gone. It "is" the culmination of the Diablo legacy per say.

    Even in black a Murci has it's design issues and to me anyways, always seemed to be a car "designed by commitee" than from a flowing pen on a piece of paper beside an empty bottle of red wine somewhere in a small Italian villa.

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