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So. Cal. Lambo Dealership

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by PatrickShim, Dec 9, 2004.

  1. I've been trying to get ready for my order for Lambo Gallardo. I emailed Mike at Symbolic Motors and haven't heard from him, so emailed Armen and Nora at Platinum and no answer.

    Other than Symbolic and Platinum, do you guys have any Lambo dealership you recommend? I seriously don't want to deal with some of the attitude problems that many exotic car dealerships have.


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  3. Patrick, give Mike at Fox Valley Motor Cars in Chicago a call. He is on board all the time. I am sure he will work something out for you if he can. You can trust him to work a deal over the phone. He has many "high profile customers" he deals with.
  4. Bought my Diablo from Lambo Ohio. Straight up guys over there. 800-606-9595 ask for Harvey or Ron.
  5. Call Nick at Symbolic, Nora and Armen are great when you have an open wallett, other than that they don't know you exist....Try Nick and he will get you taken care of:D
  6. and if nothing else call Scott Whitworth at Lamborghini of Dallas, he is my guy and you already know how great the people at LoD are to everyone.:)
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  8. You can also call Sean at Symbolic. If you want to go out of State, Bill Nuccio at Fox Valley can assist you as well.
  9. Cool. I used to refer my friends to Gunther at Symbolic, but when they closed down their Bev. Hills location, I guess Gunther left. He was really nice guy. I wonder where he works now.
  10. Jeeze, did not know that they closed down their Beverly Hills shop. When did this happen? I am fairly sure it was there in July?
  11. Call Sean Hughes at Symbolic, he is a good guy and a real Lamborghini fan. They have 7 or 8 cars on the floor at the moment.
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  13. i considered a gallardo a few months back

    i talked and met with Armen at Platinum,
    it took him a day to call me back,
    at first i had the same impression that maybe these guys were cocky,
    but once he knew i was seriously considering the car, we made an appointment, i went down to see the car, and he was very very helpful
    and patient

    i would give Armen a chance,
    also, platinums shop looked good for future service work

    he was also a bit motivated to discount a new 2004 they had,
    not alot, but at least i wouldn't be paying sticker
  14. Carl Cannifax at motorcars international is the best!!! He has sold us about 5 cars and we have some him about 4.

    Also Graham at Symbolic.

  15. I don't remember the exact time they closed, but it has been long enough now that there is an up and running Washington Mutual Branch in its place.

  16. Yeah, their lease was up, and they didn't want to stay at that location. They had so much problem when they were getting cars out of the showroom. One time, a friend of my dad's was checking out a Bentley in their showroom. They had to get 6 cars out to get that one car out.

    I think they will return to Bev. Hills, but there aren't many properties suitable for a high-end dealership (BMW of Bev. Hills/Sonic Automotive bought'em all... I think they own 6 buildings now...)
  17. Sonic also bought both Porsche franchises in Houston....\
    Joe-I think everyone is discounting '04 Gallardos, most cars with $190k msrp are selling for low $180's out the door:cool:
  18. Isn't there a higher HP version coming out soon?...that would explain the discounts being offered.

  19. rumor has it 600hp:eek:

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