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Site for Vette "kill" stories

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 22, 2004.

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  2. Last sunday the Corvettes once again proved what they can do. That's real racing the rest is total Bullsh it.
  3. What race was that? Lemans 2 weeks ago? They definately dominated class, no doubt.
  4. Yup. It was a great race. The 550's were very strong as well but this year the Vettes took home the trophy. In the prototype's the Audi's were once again the ones. This weekend should be interesting to see how the Barbour Murcie GTR's do. That's a real team unlike IMO the Japanese GTR's which did very poorly. As they say when the flag drops the bullsh it stops and every year on the streets of LeMans that's what happens at 4pm in early June.
  5. Napolis, I have a thread further down about the ALS Murci's. They are stationed a few miles from where I live. Went by there today, they just received 1 car there yesterday, and 1 is being shipped directly to Mid-America. I would not look for much this week.Not sure they will even get the decals on!! lol.
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  7. I realize that this is just a shakedown but these guys are serious racers like DAMS unlike the Japanese guys and over time if this car has it they will find it.
  8. No doubt. Barbour has a good history as an owner, and as a driver. He said he thought 4-5 races to get things running properly. This week could be ugly though. They were supposed to get the cars 45 days ago.
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