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Silver Gallardo spotted around Calgary Alberta Canada

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Dino Martini, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. I know this should be in the Canada section, and I already posted it there but got not much intrest so here we go.

    I saw a Silver Gallardo running on Glenmore Trail last night near Chinook center. Had Alberta plates, stock rims, perhaps changed up the exhaust because it sounded pretty loud. Anyone have information on the car? VIN? who owns the car? anything info would be apreciated.

    Over all the car looked sleak. I would take the Gallardo over an F430 if you can put them in the same leagues.

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  3. this is why we need to invade canada once and for all.
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  5. Good to hear those exotics are finally coming out.

  6. looked like that, why is the a mercialago? did i mess up the two cars?
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  8. No this is a Gallardo... And really it wasn't me in Canada - Just thought I would add a little "who was it" mystery to your post ;)
  9. I don't have any info on the car, but I'm from Calgary, in Edmonton for school and when I was home two weeks ago for Spring Break my friend said he saw a silver Gallardo up by West Hills. I hope I get a chance to see it when I am home for the summer.
  10. we have about 20 running around the streets in Vancouver
  11. lol. thats for sure, it seems everywhere you turn theres a gallardo in van. i bet theres at least 2 silver gallardos in calgary. i saw one parked across from the earls on 4th last october. cool car indeed. the best place to spot exotics is 4th from elbow to 17th. on a saturday morning - mid afternoon you guaranteed atleast one.
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  13. oh yeah, the second murci roadster has arrived. black/red.

  14. second? in calgary?
  15. in calgary being displayed at the auto show. heard a rumour that its staying here.
  16. we have the exact same roadster here in on red....could be ours and they are useing it for the autoshow...who knows
  17. Rich .. oh goodness I can't wait to see your car in person!
  18. I met with Asgar Virji (owner of Weissach) a couple of days ago and the black/red M-roadster is from Vancouver and is for sale.

  19. It is no longer in the showroom.....could be at the calgary autoshow
  20. I saw it at the show here on Wednesday's going back to their showroom after the car show is over on the weekend.

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