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should Lamborghini build a new suv

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by bdog, Oct 13, 2004.

  1. I love the look and idea of the LM002 and think it would be great if they build a new suv can you hummer look mucie(or galladro) power I all for just as long as not a warmed over VW patform I must do the LM002 justinist
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  3. Hell No! I think a 2+2 GT should be their next car :)
  4. Definately not.
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  6. If Lamborghini built an SUV I would loose all of my respect for them, just like I lost respect for Porsche when they came out with the Cayenne. I don't even think they should make a 2+2.

    In my opinion Lamborghini's next model should be a Gallardo Barchetta with a power folding top.
  7. Then you have no respect for them, as back in the 80's they made the LM002, which was their 4 seater SUV in a hardtop design. :)

    Personally, I'd love a Lamborghini SUV. I wouldn't want something silly like the Hummer H2, but if Lambo made a high performace SUV that was completely impractical I'm in. :)

  8. I agree with you Ben. I think it makes sense since Lambo already made a completely insane SUV before any other manufacturer did. It would have to be unique and completely different from every other SUV out there. I think the SUV makes more sense from business stand point too than a sedan. The Cayenne has been hugely successful for Porsche and I lot of people didn't think that would happen. Maybe the SUV would enable Lamborghini to make a lot of money which in turn would lead to better Gallardo's and murcielago's
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  11. view the classic on page 4 of Lambo owners-post a pic somthing like that with a murcie's V-12 and a 6 speed would a great car
  12. I know about that but I think Lamborghini realizes that they made a big mistake with the LM002.
  13. I'd like to respectully disagree. The LM002 was meant to be a military 4-person transport vehicle just as the HMMWV was (High mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle). Militaries across the world simply selected other vehicles, and thus the LM002 only was produced in civilian numbers for a limited time.

    While it wasn't a profitable venture, at least they tried. Mistake? No, not for trying. For it not succeding? Perhaps.

    What about now though, 20 years later. SUV's are all over, and accounts for more and more in sales each day. If Lamborghini comes out with something so new and radical and fast, it did the job right. With the marketing power of Audi, and the Lamborghini technology behind it, if they did put their heads together on this they would be a force to be reckoned with. I'd love an "EUV" or "Exotic Utility Vehicle" as I just coined it. <G>

    Is it a mistake for Lamborghini to try this again? I'm sure they will do their due diligence this time around, and am sure they will come to the right conclusion if they havent already.

    I love to speculate, but ultimately it'll be Audi who decides what gets made, so we'll see what happens!

    I was for the H2 when it was announced. When it was shown to me in a pre-release and I was asked for input on it, none of my input on what a Hummer owner would want was taken into account. They ended up with a plastic body chevy tahoe that people call a H2. It's been a disgrace on the H1, of which I have owned 8 of in my life ( While I was for the concept, the products end finish was total poop. Who doesn't want to destroy one when they see them on the road along with the fat yuppy prick who drives it? Since then I've grown out of the H1 onto better vehicles -- such as Lamborghini. <G>

  14. The reason why i don't believe Lamborghini should make a SUV is because it's a super exotic car company and should be only focused on sports cars.
    Ferrari doesn't make an SUV nor does Aston Martin.
    Creating a SUV will probably cost close to $200k.
    The question is, will there be a market for a $200k SUV?
    My hunch tells me no, and that people will probably spend about $80k or so on suv's the most.
  15. one reason in favors is I way it get back to the start of the compans Lamborgini started out in farm tracor (I heared they still make them) I kown people would paid $200+ for the worlds greatest SUV (or is that EUV) in woulod the Unamite the ENZO of SUV (sorry if that argner anyone
  16. YES!

    One of my favorite car is stil the LM002.
    Been in love with them since I saw one in front of Monte Carlo Casino back in summer '87.

    My college friend bought one in summer '91. Very heavy cluth, very unreliable and breaks down a lot. But he loves it. Last time I passed his house in the year 2001 i still saw that LM in his driveway.

    If Lambo wants to build a new SUV, better make sure it is not just some lame soccer mom's type SUV, it better be a true 4x4!
  17. No! Make a new exotic, but this time with REAR WHEEL DRIVE!!!
  18. No. #1 the SUV market is flooded. There was a time and place for the LM002. - They would not build the SUV as brutish as the LM002. - Then it would appear to be a weak attempt.

    2 + 2 is the way to go. A front engine GT car. What would be interesting; is if they could somehow build the same car (or virtually the same car) as a berlinetta. A 2 + 2 = a rock in the deep end of the pool.
  19. 1. no
    2. SUV's serve no purpose.
    3. SUV's are for posers.
  20. That will be coming, very soon!!
  21. Very simply..........NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. It is not in the business plan. There is alot of talk, but it will not happen.
  22. if lambo make a suv it will be as UGLY as the first one. the first time i saw it i was shocked to the bones to think that lambo made that the designers were defintly on something (aka drugs:) ) they should just stick with exotics like ferrari are:)
  23. No thank you.
  24. No on the SUV but YES on the Murcielago SV!
  25. Read the latest issue of CAR, they have a mock up there. Personally, I've seen one in Geneva and it was insane. Lamborghini builds OUTRAGEOUS cars. Ferrari and Porsche build sports cars. So count me in.
  26. If they build a new SUV like this on the Cayenne/Touareg/Pikes Peak platform with a V10/12, I'd buy one. I did see the PP being tested here in CO. It was all wrapped up, and the guys testing the SUV told me that they couldn't confirm if it was an Audi or Lambo.

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