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Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by Stackhouse, Apr 19, 2004.

  1. Last year I saw Shaq's Diablo at the Sema show in LV. It didnt seem to be modified to accommodate this giant man! I have been told that he can actually drive that thing! I WANT PROOF! I have seen his shoes (About two feet long) and cannot believe he can manipulate the clutch, brake or gas pedals. I'm convinced that he must be reaching down with his hands to activate the clutch or depress the gas!

    Any photographic proof of Shaq tooling around in his Lambo? Or that targa 456 he had? I gotta see something to make me a believer.
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  3. I saw his house on MTV's Cribs and he showed 'us' his cars and his 2 Modenas were modified and so was his Lambo. Maybe its a different Lambo.
  4. They had the top off it and looking in it was all stock. Perhapse they returned it to stock for the show??? But it was his car no doubt about that. Unless DUB was pulling a fast one on us!
  5. I saw him in his S class. He sits so far back in that car that he can roll down the back widow to grab his burger at the local ChuckJR. drive through.
  6. Shaq had his Diablo modified at Ultimate Motor Works in Longwood, FL. They specialize in a tall man stretch for Lambos and other cars. Quite a few NBA players buy from them. I believe Shaq still owns a house in Orlando.
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  8. Dont forget his silver 355 spider that was modded for him to fit, that was on CRIBS as well.
  9. now thats a rich guy i dont want to be. Too tall to enjoy a ferrari :(
  10. I dont buy it! How do they modify those cars? Ive seen some of his cars and none looked like they have been stretched! The lambo looked STOCK! I WANT PIX....PIX PIX..PIX...PROVE IT TO ME !!! PIX PIX PIX!!!
  11. You know Pimpdaddy, i asked the same question a few moths back regarding his 355 spider that he had modded, and it seemed there are no pics?? I remember the 355 had been modded by haveing the roof comlpeatly removed, with a 360 style body couloured buttress in place of the original hood cover, thus moveing the seat back further and at a guess removeing seat motors and sitting it on the deck.I would love to see the pics my self.
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  13. CHEERS!!

  14. I lived in Longwood, Fl. and was in Ultimate Motors quite often. They specialized in what they called the tall man stretch for the Diablo and other cars. The exterior body wasn't stretched at all, all the work was done on the interior. Ultimate spent a lot of time working out the details and considered modification information proprietary. They weren’t handing out pictures and details on how it was done. Here’s their address and phone # call them up and ask

    Ultimate Motor Works
    895 N. Ronald Reagan Blvd
    Longwood, FL 32750
    Phone 407-339-3443

  15. I will trade you pics for some of your wife ;) :D
  16. NAWW I want PIX...PIX PIX PIX... Your story lends credibility to others I have heard. The section of the interior which protrudes into the drivers "Foot space" is widened. It looks like the wheel-well but is infact a bunch of "Stuff" (As I have been told) that is relocated and the pedals are adjusted.

    I will disagree however with others claiming that the cars have been stretched! STILL, Unless his feet are pulling a "Flint Stone" and hanging through the bottom of the car I'm not gonna believe it till I SEE THE BIG MAN IN DA CAR. PIX PIX PIX!! And not just PIX of him shoehorned into the drivers seat but of him actually DRIVING!
  17. HA..HA..HA.. You have my number DIAL IT! he he he (Evil laughter)
  18. Someone somewhere has pix. PIX PIX PIX Show me da PIX!

    Oh and LA.. Brazilian women outnumber the men so it doesnt take smarts to hook up with one. All they want is a good man who know how to apply sunscreen!

  19. *note to self*

    Learn to apply sunscreen gently this summer so you can be like Pimpdaddy someday. :D
  20. LOL!!! Sounds like a summer trip to Rio is in order. :)
  21. OK GUYS!! the subject of this thread is about SHAQ n his tiny Lambo!... BIG GUY IN TINY CAR... Thats what I'm talking about.

    BUT NOOOOO!... you guys just wanna talk about the Brazilian women... WELL you need to post your Brazilian woman comments in the "Post your brazilian wife thread" or do I need to start another one titled "SINGLE GUY'S GUIDE TO LANDING A LANLATIN BABE!"
  22. OK this thread is officially CLOSED! NO ONE HAS PROOF THAT SHAQ CAN FIT IN HIS LAMBO OR ANY OTHER EXOTIC!!! Let alone drive one!! I'm outta here!

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