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Seeing Double??

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by racerdj, Jun 13, 2004.

  1. What do you think??
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  3. looks good to me !!!
  4. Gotta love the way the CF looks like a mirror.
  5. I've never driven one...can I?....huh...Pweez ;)

    I'm coming to your home town for a visit or you're comin' to mine but make sure that Beauty is with you!!!

  6. Yeah, what is up with you guys teasing us like this!! This is not fair. I was going to meet up with Ralph in TX and see his red Lambo, but our schedules had a conflict. Can't wait to see one in real life.
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  8. show off!!!! you diabo guys are making iti tough onthe rest of us!!!!
  9. Beautiful! Simply amazing....I love Diablos :)......

    One Day...
  10. Very easy to do with graphics software.
  11. Ray,thats the reflection off of the carbon fibre.They are real pics.
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  13. Ryan. The car was down at the time. I did have the motorcycle running.
    LOL. The car had broken a belt. It is purrrfect at this time. Come back
    and you can drive it ! I let Dan Gordon drive my Countach. Just do not
    ride the Hayabusa "after" the Diablo.

    Busa is like a bat out of hell ! Just ask Chaa
  14. Diablos looking good.

    AJ - is that Green Jetta your REAL daily?? LOL
  15. Nice eye Ryan.Im exposed and..........
  16. I love that one, it's kind of lambo oriented.
  17. Busa's sure are fun aren't they ;) WHat year is yours?
  18. The motorcycle pic sux!!! Awesome Diablos though!!!
  19. I have ridden a few Busas in my time. Agree wtih you 100%. Though my Duc and TLR are the most fun bikes so far.

    I would not drive your Diablo, just seeing it in the flesh would be awesome. Can't wait to see it next time. :)
  20. Dave & AJ - Those pics are sweet!
  21. Thanks Jerry, I guarantee the pics are real as I do not know how to operate photoshop.
  22. Hey Ralph:
    I'm still waiting for my turn to drive the SE! Is it running now?

  23. kick ass pics!! wow i cant wait to see one in person one day!!!!

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