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Seatbelt position on Murcielago?

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by carl63_99, Dec 21, 2004.

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    I saw a built model of a Murcielago on Automotive forums, absolutely great build, but one thing stood out when I saw the interior pic. the seatbelts on the model have the strap from the center of the car, rather than the outside. The builder says that is the way Lambo has been doing it since the Diablo. I can't find any definitive reference pics to verify either way, and I know some members here have the car in 1/1 scale. Can someone clarify for me?

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  3. That is correct the seat belt straps on the Murcielago are attached to center of the car versus the conventional side location on most cars.
  4. Hmmm, strikes me as not as safe. Seems the belt should hold a person from going out the window and this design would allow them to be thrown to the outside in some crash situations. I did find a sample pic on ebay, finally. Other pics show cars with the bottom latch on the inside, could these cars be Euro? is there any difference between Euro and US cars on seatbelt mounting?
  5. There is no difference between a US and a Euro Murcielago as far as i know except for some minor exterior changes i.e side marker lights and other changes i may not be aware of. I think you are confusing the interior of the Murcielago with that of the Gallardo. The Gallardo has the conventional seat-belt setup which latches to the inside the the car.
  6. Being so deep in the car, and having windows the size of Countach / Diablo / Murcie .... i dont know if being thrown out of the window would be an issue. Maybe?
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  8. The countach had outside mounted belts. Diablo and Murcielago are center mounted.

    A shoulder belt is designed for one thing only. To stop you from going forward into the steering wheel or through the windshield. It offers no slide out protection. So it makes no difference if the belt is over your left or right shoulder. That's why they have 5-point belts for race cars. :)
  9. Plus roll bars/cages and window nets. You really don't want to have a bad shunt in ANY sports car.
  10. 348 belts are also from the center.

    (my little contribution to the thread....)

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