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Saw A Gallardo...

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 134282, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. ...on Route 78 East on Friday night; it was raining and i was in the right lane... Cruising by in the left lane was a yellow Gallardo; it's the first one i've seen in person; they look pretty cool... Lamborghini's got some kind of unmistakable aura about them; i saw this thing breeze by and i knew, INSTANTLY, that it was a Lamborghini, it just took me a minute for what it was to register... Very cool-looking... i sped up to get a picture, but the picture is completely black except for some very blurry tail lights; the weather and traffic hindered me from taking more pictures...

    Nice to see the car was being driven; in the rain, no less... :)
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  3. I sat in one a couple of weeks ago. very nice, especially at 6-2. Wouldn't mind driving one.
  4. If you get to So calif See Nick Smith at Symbolic , tell him banana boat a.k.a. wayne sent you, he'll give you a test drive
    in 6 spd or E-gear. 858 454-1800
    good guy minimum BS (all car dealers have some!).
  5. I second what Wayne advises;):D

    Been very busy, will get in touch when I get free for more than a few hours.

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