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Ryan, photoshop requested

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jul 11, 2004.

  1. When you have some spare time, a real challenge. Would like to see what the 6.0 wing would look like on these Murci's. Thank you sir.

    The only difference is the turndown on the wing.
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  3. Dayum, any more pics of that white Murci?
  4. Here's another, and without mods.
  5. uh oh...my boy AJ is getting his blue prints ready for his next car! lol i cant wait!! whatever it is its going to be amazing!

  6. Hey Ryan. I found a pic!! No need for the photoshop.
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  8. Thats the one!! My first mod.
  9. That white Murcielago actually looks nice w/the CF wing.
  10. you going to get wing for your murcie? any other upgrades? i saw this nice yellow murcie with black wheels which would probably look nice with a black wing. heres two pics i took.
  11. Thats me. No doubt I will paint the wheels black with a black wing.
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  13. You got a Murcie now? OMG, you're going to fast for me!!! LOL I didn't even notice you had a Murcie that you already have mods for it!!! Crazy. In the best possible way. Congrats.
  14. No buddy, I dont have it yet. Very close. Sold my white Countach, and selling the Yellow. Should have a Murci by end of the week.

  15. AJ
    Left you a message on voice mail about my 99 SV.
    Give me a buzz if interested.

  16. Wow, sold the Countach - Congrats! What "Yellow" are you selling?
  17. I sold my white Countach already, and now am close to selling the yellow Countach.
  18. OK, got it. Guess I didn't know about the white one - Quite a collection! Congrats.
  19. Great job on the Murcie wing. I really like it after living with the Diablo and wing. It really provides the necessary downforce needed in the dozen or so 20 mph corners on my way to work!!
  20. I wouldn't get that wing in particular - it doesn't match the rest of the body of the Murci IMO. Of course, my opinion isn't backed by the money buying it, but if I were to put a wing on a Murci I wouldn't mess around and just go straight for the functional and imposing GTR wing!

    Get the GTR wing and the CF front lip.
  21. Ok, how about this!!

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