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Ryan, Photoshop needed!!

Discussion in 'Lamborghini Discussion (not model specific)' started by 6.0 se, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. Hey buddy, can you give me a black wing and mirrors?
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  3. Your car is coming along fantastic. :) I think the black mirrors/wing will look great, but can you get rid of the hood decal of the 6.0?

    RYALEX I am sure wil see it soon, and help ya out. He has a job now, so might take him a while. :)

    Keep up the good work. :)
  4. The 6.0 decal covers the major ding I picked up. It will stay on till I get it fixed.

  5. YIKES sorry to hear. Makes sense now. :)
  6. Do you have any idea how much damage a small stone does to a car at over 200mph? Its like a meteor hitting it.
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  8. My cars top out at 85mph, so I wouldn't know :D ;)
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  10. Thanks alot!! I appreciate the help. Any opinions?
  11. I've had a couple too many beers tonight to produce a Photoshop of it now, but I think black mirrors and no 6.0 logo on the bonnet would look good.
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  13. it's nice, very nice, but i don't like how the black rims are a darker shade than the black mesh, and the black edging, and spoilder, and mirrors etc. all in all, it looks like five or six different shades of black adorn the car, and i think it would look ten times better if it was all more uniform.
  14. The wheels are real, it wont match the mesh. The wing and mirrors(if I did them) would be the same as the wheels.
  15. Read above. The 6.0 logo is there to cover a huge ding in the front bonnet.
  16. Ryan, I need gloss black on the mirrors and wing!! Help.
  17. Don't forget the "deer whistles" on the front fenders to avoid mishaps!
  18. LMAO!!!!!!!!!
  19. Gloss Black tail and mirrors would like unbelievable! :)

    "Go For It"
  20. Bad Asss...no, Fuking Bad Asss!
  21. BAH! To all of you! I think the sticker looks fine! (ding or no ding) Black wing and mirrors will be iceing on your cake. :D
  22. Hey AJ. I don't know how I missed this thread last night, but I'll give a shot on the other pic, since Tom gave you the front look already (thanks Tom!).

    last night after seeing Spiderman 2 (awesome!), I was putting a little time into this 'poster' I made:

    Give me a few mins on this... ok here's a quick 10-15 min effort:
  23. LMAO!!! I just wet myself !!!
  24. Might as well add black or CF light cluster covers.
  25. hey 6.0
    I've told you before I absolutely love your car color (I re-painted my Porsche in that very color) but those black wheels..... make it lose some of it's magic, they hide much of your car's beauty. and look boring for a car that exciting.
  26. I respect that opinion. You either love black wheels, or hate them. The bright look on wheels just doesnt do it for me anymore. But next year, who knows! Wheels are one of those things that you can change, and it gives a car a totally different personality.
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